why people are more getting stressed as time is moving

  • i would say people lifestyle is bad

  • because we are in the internet phase,everything is so much bigger than anything we can comprehend...this makes us restless consciously or unconsciously..

    i remember how i felt when i had seen all those big huge buildings and all the developments that had took place in my neighbourhood in a time span of one year during which i was away in another country for studies....everything had changed..everything looked so different....i felt soo out of place,..i felt soobad..even though it was a good thing...

    world around is changing at a pace so much faster than we can adjust ourselves too, i guess that is what makes us soo stressed than our previous generations.

  • how would you know that we're more "stressed" compared to those who lived through the past years decades generations or era? we have a more advanced technology which sure has its cons but still does make our lives 'easier'.

    idk... maybe coz were human and we never really get contented on what we have and instead wants and needs more and more? also maybe you thought were more stressed is because we see everything now bc of fhe internet. i can just complain about one thing that happened for a sec and the world would think its the worst thing that could possibly happen to someone. multiply this to millions of people ranting virtually

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