Time to choose. Part 3

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    Lets say you were in the woods because guess what, you got lost.
    Way to go motherfucker.
    You get to choose which item you showed up with. Do you choose:
    bow n arrows
    Now moving onto the food end of things. You can only live with one of these for the remainder of your trip. (E.g. 6 months lost in the woods)
    Do you choose
    nachos (yes nachos gets its own category)
    Moving forewardddd. Your clothing ripped and fell off an imaginary cliff and disappeared (just go with it) if you could only wear one article of clothing (you still have bras and panties, chill) which would it be
    And nowww lets justt be even more crazy. You come to the edge of the woods. You are forced to kill all the following users except one. Who would you save?
    Ill go ahead and apologize to the users above. Sorry kinda not sorry if you didnt want to be included. Too bad so sad.

    Good luck. And choose wisely 😉

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    show up with:
    knives. because you can cut stuff and kill people and animals with them.
    salads. because i gotta stay healthy and fit, even if i'm lost in the woods.
    jacket: cause i need to stay warm.
    who would i save:
    i can't choose between @WtfJudith and @Lucifer_ so don't make me choose.

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    Show up with,
    knives - because most versatile, and can use it in almost any situation, from defending myself, to cutting things for shelter, or cutting open my food.
    bow n arrows take too much practice to get good with, and you could probably make one with your knife, and a pistol is useless when you're out of ammo.

    Salads - because you can have meat on a salad, and get all the nutrients you need with a salad your entire time.

    One article of clothing.
    Shoes - because protecting your feet is more important than anything else in the wilderness. You're just fucked if you can't walk.

    Kill all but one.
    This is a weird question, but @football_m29 because he'd help me survive the best, and we can eat the dead ones together, and worst case scenario I know his one weakness, kicking him in the balls, then I can eat him too if need be.

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    @layla said in Time to choose. Part 3:

    i can't choose between @WtfJudith and @Lucifer_ so don't make me choose.

    Aww, at least one person thought of saving me

    So I'd take the bow and arrow, only weapon I'd know how to handle and the tip of the arrow could help cut things.

    Soup because I just love it so much and there are so many different types I won't get tired of it too soon.

    I'd go with shoes because running away would be my only real good self defence mechanism and it's way harder to make shoes with the materials I would gather than say a fur coat.

    And finally sorry, but I choose to save myself 😂

  • @layla said in Time to choose. Part 3:

    i can't choose between @WtfJudith and @Lucifer_ so don't make me choose.

    choose wisely

  • @willoww
    I’m taking a knife .Most versatile of these tools.
    I’m going with sandwiches .You need more protein for energy. Meat on sandwich could be a lean protein.
    Definitely shoes . Protection of the feet is key.
    I’m going to keep @Willoww around as she is great at fighting through adversity. She is mentally strong which pairs well with my physical strength

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    @lucifer_ Layla planned this all along, i believe she wants us to fight, winner gets to live

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    @Violetttttt @The-Dude Thanks guys for not killing me.
    You are awesome
    @Kat_15 Awwww LOL

    PS - 😑 most of you killed me.

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    And imma save @cutie-cat SORRY @sup gautam lol you were my second option

  • Knives.
    I'm gonna kill everyone. More kills = more loots.

    P.S. I was taught how to handle knives in battle.
    P.P.S. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeh

  • -delete-

  • @us-poet said in Time to choose. Part 3:

    then I can eat him too if need be.


  • 1 > Knives - most versatile tool .

    Stealth kill from back . Skin animals for fur to keep warm. Cut plant branches & leaves to make shelter. Stab other participants in the throat.
    Bow & arrow will not be as effective in the woods .many places to take cover .limited ammo . Same with pistol.

    2> Sandwich - Need thing to stay unspoiled for the longest time ,so sandwich it is . dried Meat in it will be good as well as the bread ,both will stay good for long.

    Until i can kill animals it will be my life.

    3>Shoes - i can skin other animals to make skirts ,fur as jacket .even plant leaves to make a hulu skirt . I cant make shoes .

    Running away in jungle ,with what insects ,sharp thing lie in the ground .I need shoes to survive.

    4>I will kill others & take their clothes ,foods etc .Every man for himself bishes !!

    They will make great lures for big meat eating animals .

    if food gets dire , I can even make shish kebab out of dead people .
    I wont be alone ...My friends will be with me ,they will save me with their flesh..we will become one !! (Sorry ..did i sound psychopathic there ? ..eh,doesnt matter.)

    There !! Problemo solved .

    1. Knives (what happens if the gun runs out of bullets? and I don't know how good is my aim at archery so better not)
    2. Nachos (but there should be a chocolate option)
    3. Jacket (just because I love jackets)
    4. @cutie-cat (cats will rule the world)

  • Nice topic wil
    I'd choose...
    Knife (because pistols will run out of bullets and i don't know archery)
    Sandwich (because i like it)
    Shoes (because there's a lot creepy stuff on ground and its alright i'll manage to make cloths from leaves)
    Who would i save? @Lucifer_

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    @thestrangest said in Time to choose. Part 3:

    You can easily make shoes in the jungle... but not a trench coat jacket

    Those shoes are gonna last 0.00001 sec and will cost your time and energy to be made.They aren't even comfortable for a walk, let alone running. What if you get chased by a bear or something?

    You are gonna make a fool out of yourself wearing that trench coat jacket in the middle of a forest. Wait.....going for an expedition to kill vampires lmao?Like BLADE

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    @lucifer_ @WtfJudith I might just have to pick Lucifer, he's got some awesome gifs and memes

  • @willoww
    1- Knives because you can cut many things with it and you don't need to be worry about ammo.
    2- Sandwiches, because is light and can be better preserved.
    3- Jacket because if it is long I can be well covered.
    4- And I would save @sup because he likes (real) football too and we can talk about it without getting tired as long as our travel in the woods last xD

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    @sup wooooooooohooooooo Im saved!!!!
    Fuck all you hoes who killed me
    Come here Gautam
    friends hug

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