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    Ive seen this reply on more than one occasion. And no it isnt one specific user.
    As much as I hate controversial topics/things that have a truly opinionated response, this one I am genuinely curious to see what people have to say
    You can say yes or no. But elaboration of why would be super dope too.
    good luck

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    @willoww because they think they're taking the easy way out and have no idea how brain chemicals fuck you, and control every aspect of your life, and they've probably never dealt with depression.

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    No. Suicidal people, to me, are some of the strongest people on the planet. Usually suicidal people have depressions and depression can really weigh a person down. Yes they see their problems as difficult. Yes maybe they are having a hard time. But they have to constantly battle their brain to try to tell themselves they are at least worth the space that they occupy. So I believe that suicidal people have a really tough battle and they survived through it. So god always gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers. I believe the suicidal people still living are also very strong because they survived their own battle for sanity. They survived through the tournament of their minds and hopefully their battle will be over. So I do not find them as ‘cowards’ but I see them as ‘soldiers’ trying to win a war.

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    @willoww If a person is feeling suicidal for some reason is because they are not brave enough to handle the situation. It mostly depends on the situation they are in. The decision of committing suicide comes to the mind because they are done with life and they do not want to live further as they are not ready for the future... or say "apparently".
    They believe not being able to live is the best option because it probably is the easiest way. Life is hard and it will be hard. All you need to do is be positive and stay motivated and believe in yourself and the situations will get better eventually.
    They should see how other people are dealing with situations worse than that but they never tried to kill themselves. They knew things will get better. They had faith!

    I believe they are "cowards" emotionally and they cannot handle their emotions properly.

  • This poster in a psychiatrist's office compares those "hanging in there"
    to a Marine stranded behind enemy lines, its almost borderline stupidity to call such a person a coward.

    alt text

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    @willoww I totally agree with what @Zazzles said once that the people committing suicide successfully are brave cowards. They are brave enough to end their lives or harm themselves, but they fear facing challenges in their life. And I honestly believe that every problem in this world has a solution. And so, no problem is worth losing your life. All you need is some help from people who will show you a way to get to the solution.

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    I believe it has nothing to do with cowardice. People who commit suicide usually choose this route because they cannot find another way to end their pain. They cling to life, but they feel drowned in their own problems, and aren't able to find a solution. I think the people who call them cowards have never gone through a similar situation, and don't know what it's to suffer to the point of wanting to end your life.

  • When you're suicidal, there is no way. You can't fight the darkness even if you're a step away from the light. You cannot simply judge people who have done this because you can't know what they have been through. Depression is a disease characterised by feeling alone and isolated (especially when no one you know is going through the same feelings you are). Don't be too quick to judge, suicide is one of those things you don't understand unless you've been in a similar position.

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    @willoww it has nothing to do with courage, and everything to do with thinking there is no alternative, your life won't improve, the only way out of your misery is to take the forever nap.

  • The term is coined by people who simply want to be antagonistic, and the reasoning behind using such a phrase is always rudimentary. This isn't a question for it never had any ground to stand on. The phrase usually ignores any factors that play against it. But hey that's just a theory. A philosophical theory. Thanks for reading.

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    @us-poet hmm so poet is not just a poet, hmmm interesting

  • @willoww I don't think it's braveness or cowardness or anything else but just lack of thinking power. They need to think "How can suicide be the solution to a problem when you won't be in this world to see it anymore ?"

  • @willoww no butt suicide is not the solution for anything,there is only one life we get we should value and respect it

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    @Willoww they're coward bcoz they neither want to face their problems nor want to solve it.
    They're too brave to doing a suicide. everyone loves his life and nobody have enough dare to do it like them.

  • No. Actually, they're being brave. They are still fighting back the reason why they're not ending their lives yet. They just don't know it.

    P.S. I can't further elaborate for meh is not gooder in ingles.
    P.P.S. I cri.
    P.P.P.S. Meeeeeheeeeeeeeeeh. This is how I sound when I cry.

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    @jynextremist I'm just a man who's experienced a lot, and knows how to write it legible and interestingly.

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    @willoww -I personally feel it should gnot be called a suicidal person a brave person, nor he or she is a coward...There are some people who take a decision within no period of time and some of them try suicide,some of them realise themselves its an idiotic gesture when that particular moment is interrupted. Some people on the other hand try suicides for after thinking it for a long time, we cannot judge them, we don't know what mental state they are going through. They try it when they think that there is no hope left,and the people who call them coward are just critics who has never gone through that trauma which a person goes and reaches the breaking point. But I could call these suicidal people fools, as they don't see the people who are effected by their death,they don't see the people who are around them to love them.They don't realise how they push someone to grief for the entire life.

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    @willoww Absolutely not. Usually a person becomes suicidal not by choice, but by situation. Suicidal people are just broken people who have lost their reason to live. All they need is some help and support and they should be fine.

  • @meyouandsomemore Universe is there, when you are alive, else nothing is there. Yeah you're right. Suicide causes impact. Impact is that u drag your loved ones into the hole that u dug. Yeah maybe people will pity for u 2 -3 days then they'll forget about you. I don't think recognition is worth the priceless life that we get. Get recognition by people saying that "no matter what happened he/she didn't give up." No matter how bad the situation gets, as long as we are alive what's there to lose. Everyone should hold on to the priceless lives they've got. Peace.

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    is a suicidal person a coward ? its difficult to answer because you cannot know what he/she has been through, whats life is like. Every one has difficult times but some people may not be able to tolerate all that. Then again, why suicide ? if you are going to be able to get happy sometime later in your life, then your life is definitely worth living. My personal opinion; do not just give up, find a way out, it will be more interesting and fun then :winking_face:

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