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    @Mycompassion small penis vibes.

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    @AshK said in Do you read or not ?:

    Well recently I finished "my Geeta". And after few days of struggle started "super intelligence". The struggle coz I didn't planned well enough for next book.
    I believe reading should be boring and hard to aquire for beginners. Nowadays there r a lot of distractions for humans, that is why lots of people find reading hard n boring.

    Once in a while reading a “boring book” is fine, but why waste time reading something if you don’t enjoy yourself when doing it?
    Although for me when I read a book I often picture it like a movie rolling in my head, but I heard some people can’t picture things in their mind like that. Might be why some find it more boring than others

    My battle is to be good at this boring task. That's y indulge myself to read audio books. Plus it makes me imagine the scene from my perspective. After reading "the giver" I found there is a movie based on it. I didn't like it after watching trailer. Coz I have imagined the whole story and it was perfect for me. Same with the midnight library and the stranger .
    Since it's nnn I am trying to read non fiction lol. Just remember I could have pick the sapienes.

    Many fiction books out there can teach you just as much as some non fiction, but in a more entertaining and memorable way.
    Although yeah, it’s probably better to read a mix of both. I should probably read more non fiction, but there are so many fiction books I wanna read first. 😅

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    What’s your latest read then @AshK ?

    For me I’ve always been a super big reader, but when I don’t have enough time I started listening to audiobooks of the books I read while doing other stuff. Probably doesn’t have all the benefits of really reading from a page, but it’s fun too. Then when i have time again I go back to reading the paper version.

    I’d recommend it too for peeps who really want to get into reading but might get bored or discouraged from a book, go find the audiobook and try it out before giving that book up.

    Only problem now is finding free audiobooks 🥲

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    @Peek_A_Boo are you gay?

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