• 5 months friends 4 months couple, 9 months knowing each other. We love each other, we respect each other, we both were broken, we didn't want relationship, just work and achieve our dreams, 250km away became 0km away, found her an apartment. From the first day we stayed together because she didn't want to be alone anymore, this was not my plan. But how can you say no? We did everything together, we moved very very fast. In 2 months we did everything, 3rd month start to lose feelings about me.. We never had an argument, mostly she had problems from her family(parents abandon her when she was 4, living with grandma, grandma alcoholic) she tried to escape from them but problems was coming to her anyway, and everyday she was in stress and I was taking the blame for everything, 4th month we broke up decided we must stay friends because we are putting our dreams behind, I didn't want that, but I couldn't lose her, and she didn't want to lose me too, she didn't want me to go away from her apartment, and we fucked up everything because she stopped speaking to me. I was asking her all the time, is something wrong? What happened? I can't see you like this everyday, please talk to me, but nothing, she was saying all is okay.. We both didn't want relationship anymore. And after 3 months when we broke up she tells me that she is speaking couple of weeks with 1 guy from another country which they speak the same language (Russian) and she likes him a lot. And she will move out to him in 20 days and I can't do nothing about it, I can't change her mind.. She lost all her feelings for me. I did everything for her, I put my ass on the line for her. Backed her up everywhere.. We talked about it, she knows that she will do the same what we did, moving very very fast and I'm sure it's gonna end badly again for her... I believe that she will regret it for losing me, and maybe she will try to come back to me.. But I don't believe she will come back. I'm feeling that I lost her completely.. What do I do if she will come back?? She means everything for me

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    start by learning how to speak russian.

  • I was thinking the same thing, because I live in Germany right now, and Germany for her is very hard..

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