• tws gay club but no homo Freedom Writers

    Boots. I know you have been upset recently. And I know that the thought of us being together for a week has freaked you out. But handsome I also know that with this past week going by that I have begun to fall for you even more. I know you can not possibly see what I see in you but I also know that I can try to attempt to show you. Remember when we first met you told me you've been through a lot. From that moment I knew I would love to get to know you. From that moment I knew that you were stronger than me. From that moment I knew that you were also going to be trouble. More like to trouble like oh sheit I'm falling in love. The kinda trouble where I can't get you out of my head. The kind of trouble where I know you probably deserve someone as strong as you. The kind of trouble where I worry that I will lose you. All these things worry me and I can not comprehend that you would even consider being the slightest bit worried. You are so handsome. So smart. You could do anything you put your mind to! So why don't you put your mind to yourself handsome? And I'm not talking about all the bad shit your mind wants you to believe. I mean all the good stuff that everybody else sees. Pretend to be the mirror showing off the reflection of what others see you as and not what those horrible thoughts do. Show yourself who you really are and believe handsome. Believe as much as everyone else does in you. Handsome listen to me and trust me when I say this and no matter what I will always mean this. You are enough. You are enough for everything and everyone! You are more than enough for me your are the best thing I can honestly say that has ever happened to me. I really don't want to lose you because your mind wants to play tricks on you. Boots. Don't let one mistake get you down. Lift your chin up. Look to the future. Please don't be upset over a simple mistake. Relationships are not always gunna be happy and fun loving and all giddy. It's like having a job. You gotta work to keep the other person. You gotta work to make them happy. Sometimes you gotta swallow your pride. Sometimes you gotta bend down to help pick them up. But in the end it is worth it because they are still yours. They are still there fighting to be with you as well. It's all about effort and handsome I hope I'm showing plenty of effort right now. I hate seeing you so upset because I can not imagine your mind even thinking of those things to tell you. And I am sincerely sorry for your past and I understand that that is why you are some ways that you are and I can live with that but handsome you gotta listen to me about this one. I may not be right about everything( jk I'm a woman I'm always right😂) But I can say without second guessing myself that everything I am saying is true. you are enough. I love you Boots and if your willing to fight for me I'm your loyal soldier.

  • dang ur great u'll deserve each other

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