• So it seems Like everyone is leaving, so I guess I'm gonna join. I'm sorry for ever bringing my bullshit self here. I'm sorry for all the dumb ass posts I made I'm sorry for basically everything and y'all should be happy because you dont have to deal with it any more. I'm sorry for messing up so many lives but I'm leaving so that others may stay. And for those of you who hate my whole "kills self" thing that's a very real subject for me. I've had to actually watch several of my friends kill themselves or have died. Like I had one girlfriend who has a brain tumor and had one month to live and the doctors misdiagnosed it and she died a few days later. I was a a video call with a friend watching them cut them self and slowly bleed out knowing I couldn't do anything and I tried everything to get them to stop. I had a beat friend who one day Just stopped talking to me, a week later I found how he killed himself. I was one another video call and I had to watch my friend overdose. And on another video call I watched My friend cut her wrists with a razor. Thank God she decided to stop the bleeding. But my point is I have those thoughts and their memories run thru my head every damn day knowing I could have saved them. But I wasn't able to. So yeah everyday when I say "kills self" I think about them and the reason they killed themselves. One thought she was to ugly. The other found out his gf was cheating. And the other girl her parents were divorced and she was forced to live with her brother. Because her parents were also not very good ones. Both were addicted to drugs. So my point is don't judge or get mad at someone because they say something. Ask them why they say it. And Not just get all pissed off and leave because they say it to much. So bye y'all.

  • It will be hard to see you go.
    But it all happens for a reason.
    Imma miss you
    Bye dude -_-

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