• Happy one week anniversary @Abby.83! I love you Abbs! And yeah I know its only a week but to me I think we should celebrate everyday! Anyway I wrote this for you! It's called Falling In Love
    The first time we met I had no intentions of falling in love. I was simply just trying to make new friends. But then when we started talking there was just something about you, something I just couldn't figure out. And after you said like what you like to do and where you were from I was just sitting there like "Damn she's a country girl." And then your personality there was just something about the way you glow. Its honestly brighter than the sun, and if I start at it for to long I would loose my eyesight. And if I got to close I would burn up, but some people are worth loosing things or even dying for. And then I saw a picture of you and I just couldn't help but stare for a long time. Like seriously, that long brown hair is just amazing! And those brown eyes, they look like little chocolate chips. And gah just everything about you just captivates me, its like I'm living in a jail cell except for in this jail there's sun, and they give you good food and literally anything you could ask for, I don't ever want to leave this prison. And someday we won't be apart, we will be together forever, and we can watch movies together and take pictures together and go on long road trips together. And do everything together! And the first movie we watch together is gonna be your favorite movie! I'm still in awe over how you even chose me. I mean there are guys that are way better than me. But now that I got you Ima hold on with everything I have and I'm not gonna ever let you go. Ima hold you forever! Damn I love you Abby! Thank you so much for falling for me, I have no idea what I would do without you. Seriously you are my world Abbs. I love you my queen! 👑💓😍😚😙😗😘

  • ABOOBS Banned

    @BOOTS22 You are a wonderful boyfriend. There is nothing much I could say, but to wish you the best with @Abby-83 . You two, will be together forever. You are a nice guy and you deserve her, as much she deserves you. I wish you the best of luck with her. But don't set the bar to high at first, because you need to save some of them ideas for later. Keep being yourself and be happy with @Abby-83 .

    Much love :)

  • @boots22 you are awesome bootsie! She’s a blessed girl ❤️❤️

  • @abby-83 I love you too baby!

  • @ᑕᖇiᗰᔕ-ᑎ you can make me? Cause honestly you are pointless.

  • @rabbitboy thanks man! Yeah its been awhile.

  • @miracle7 aww thanks! I'm just blessed that I get to call her mine!

  • Music Lovers

    @boots22 Awwwww , always stay blessed you two 😊😊💓💓❤❤

  • @michaelele hey thanks man! And yeah trust me are taking it about as slow as possible.

  • tws gay club but no homo Freedom Writers

    I'm in tears😭 Handsome I love you so much!😍🤗🖤😊 Happy one week baby!

  • Jesus boots got himself a girl? How long have I been gone? Congrats man!

  • Happy one week anniversary both of you. We're so happy for you both. You've completed 1 week together as an I(nterne)T couple. We hope you love each other more. Regards,
    TWS team

  • @boots22 I thought I told you to stop posting pointless things.

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