• i made a post awhile back saying how whites can’t experience racism. i would like to know how the people that disagreed with me feel now. whoever thinks whites can experience racism are probably the same ones that believe all cops aren’t bad and i would like to give all of you a big fucking finger. fuck you shitheads. we live in a society where black lives are being taken daily just for being who we are. you all need to open your fucking eyes and see what’s going on. this has been going on for centuries, and don’t act like it hasn’t. you all should’ve been saying their names earlier. i would like to point out some things so listen up asswipes and i’m talking to EVERY SINGLES ONE YOU ON THIS WEBSITE.

    1. don’t tell a black person how to feel about what’s going on
    2. white people, don’t speak over us.
    3. white people, use your privilege
    4. if you want to be an ally then fucking act like one.
    6. stand up against racism and yeah i’m talking about your racist ass friends too. quit being a pussy and tell them bitches to quit saying the n-word.
    7. if you aren’t speaking about what’s going on then you are taking the side of the oppressor.
    8. ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS! yeah your wack ass uncle that is a cop is a bastard.
    9. quit glorifying these bitch ass cops that take kneels! they aren’t with us! if they wanted to be with our movement then they should quit working for a corrupted system that was made to oppress black people.
    11. quit saying “all lives matter” you dumb ass.
    12. DONATE if you can
    13. PROTEST
    14. WHITES CANT EXPERIENCE RACISM!! educate yourselves dumbasses.
      and lastly, NO JUSTICE NO PEACE
  • One Woman Army Sarah's Fan Club

    oh my god, just stop it already. you're an incredibly rude person & your rhetoric is doing no favors for the cause of BLM

  • LurkersForLife

    @baldshinobi Then don't make a topic when u know a lot of people are gonna be putting their opinions out to u. It's common sense

  • LurkersForLife

    @baldshinobi You are naive, you are the kind of person that causes chaos, u wonder why so many people are against you.

  • 1 i will not
    2 i speak for myself
    3 no, they do not
    4 i prefer not to be
    5 that's pathetic
    6 it won't go away no matter what
    7 hell no
    8 not my concern when I'm not a criminal
    9 i don't wanna feed them
    10 will u do that on your own
    11 now u suddenly white
    12 links
    13 nah thank you
    14 i am dumb

  • LurkersForLife

    @baldshinobi You like bringing people down? wow, would have never guessed🙄😒

  • @baldshinobi just because I'm not on your side, you can cursed me, you filthy animal.

  • @baldshinobi lolllll obviously you've never grown up in the real world. Protest for sure, vote number 1, want to cut out racism then quit voting in the racists, have I experienced physical racism? No but I'm a fighter not a pushover. Just because you're an asshole doesn't make the rest of us racist, if anything you're racist since you're clearly against one race lol 😂 😂😂

  • @baldshinobi your personality is ugly as fuck. your face doesn't matter AT ALL! even a bulldog looks better than your beautiful face.

  • @baldshinobi then why comment lol 🙄😂

  • It's funny how in Ohio the black lives matter crowd was white as a 100 thread-count cotton king size bed-linen which was white.

  • LurkersForLife

    would it even be worth my time to say my opinion this time?

  • LurkersForLife

    I do understand where ur coming from though

  • @baldshinobi yeah you are a fucking gorgeous pig. remember to wash yourselves in shits n dirt. oh wait! you're already full of it. puihhh

  • @baldshinobi a pig is always a pig. dreaming of the butterfly? ahahahahahaha please, bitch!

  • @baldshinobi haahhahahahahahahahaha you are funny. you don't have to give a fuck about me,, i mean why would you. hahahahahahahahahaha yang waras ngalah.

  • @Canadian-guy sometimes something is better left unfair.

    ho ho is mad! :confounded_face: :confounded_face: :confounded_face:

  • Gamers

    I get where you are coming from but in your message you sound very ignorant to just only white people,in my opinion,that's not right...i completely agree that they can help us...not all white people are racist and your being racist for saying that its legit a stereotype...not all cops are bad for example,the sheriff in Michigan joined the protesters that were marching for George Floyd, and the New Jersey police did the same thing...i can name more police departments that are protesting for the countless African American men and women that lost their lives due to police brutality..(and most of those police men and women were white btw). Your literally basing a race of people and a profession off of stereotypes....you cant tell one other race what to do just because you and i are people of colour that don't work everyone's opinion matters...racist or not...trying to force and guilt white people for joining the cause is going to make us look bad so the fact that you are doing this is making OUR community look bad. You can't assume someone is racist just based on the pigment of their skin.

  • @Rissa_TheBest don’t waste your time telling me your opinion because i probably won’t care.

  • @Rissa_TheBest guess what love? i. do. not. care. what. you. think. if you aren’t with me then you are against me.

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