I get where you are coming from but in your message you sound very ignorant to just only white people,in my opinion,that's not right...i completely agree that they can help us...not all white people are racist and your being racist for saying that its legit a stereotype...not all cops are bad for example,the sheriff in Michigan joined the protesters that were marching for George Floyd, and the New Jersey police did the same thing...i can name more police departments that are protesting for the countless African American men and women that lost their lives due to police brutality..(and most of those police men and women were white btw). Your literally basing a race of people and a profession off of stereotypes....you cant tell one other race what to do just because you and i are people of colour that don't work everyone's opinion matters...racist or not...trying to force and guilt white people for joining the cause is going to make us look bad so the fact that you are doing this is making OUR community look bad. You can't assume someone is racist just based on the pigment of their skin.