Part two to the Heart of glass story.

  • So these are the heart's thoughts on when it found its on special person.

    How could you love me? All this black and brokenness. How could you love me? All this dirt and ugliness. Like really, how? I have so many questions and fears about why you helped and why you are choosing to stay. I mean wasn't it I who broke your heart? Wasnt it I who cut you deep three times? Wasn't it I who made your life a living hell? So how could you love me? How could you see past every thing? Wasn't it I who got mad at you and called you mean things for no reason? And you were trying to help me. Wasn't it me who looked for help amd love somewhere else? And realizing you were the only thing that was going to fix me. Wasn't it me who sent things and I shouldnt have? Even tho you are the only one I send things to. So after all this, after everything. How could you love me? How could you forgive me for past mistakes and my most recent ones? I guess all I have to ask is how and why? And I guess I will never know because I will never truly know your heart. You are the only one who can tell me. So I guess I'll just be left in question for the rest of my days. But one thing is clear. I love you and I don't ever wanna loose you...

  • tws gay club but no homo Freedom Writers

    I’m here because your you. And I need you.🖤

  • @abby-83 I love you beautiful!

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