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    So the other day I had a real life friend tell me about all her issues. I was truly heart broken about what she had gone through. And me and her have been friends through thick and thin. She knows that we are the same but yet different at the same time. We both have depression. But we handle it in different ways. I take the stronger route and I write down most of my issues/feelings and throw them away. She holds on to the emotions. She lets them fester inside of her. And she told me that someone asked what it’s like to have depression. She said she didn’t know the answer so she put me in a group chat with them since she knows I have a way with words. I told the other person this.. depression is almost like a cancer. It starts off small and nobody really notices it at first. Not even you. You start to see things differently and you start to understand things differently. Well since this depression has started it constantly grows. Constantly develops until it becomes a part of you and you begin to realize something is wrong but most of the time you can’t tell what it is. You start to not like the things you use to love and adore. You start to see everything with less color. Your imagination starts to become dim and dark until all you can think about is the pain your mind makes you feel and repeats in your head. It constantly circles your brain, never giving you a break. It gets to the point where your scared of yourself. Where your scared of what you might do. How you might react to things. That’s when others start to notice the diffrence in you because your spacing out often. And like cancer, depression is only treated in two ways. For cancer it’s chemo or weed. Chemo is not a promised fix but it helps. Weed is there to numb the pain and help you hope it goes away. Like those two options depression has two as well. You can get help.(aka medication or a therapist) or you can fight it yourself. Like the chemo, the medication/ therapist is not promised to help you. While you fighting for yourself is a more dangerous route but it usually is the most successful and the most deadly. You either get out of it alive or you don’t. It’s a constant fight with your body. Where your physical body is living while your soul/emotions feel dead. Depression is a difficult thing to explain but people who mainly have depression usually seem like the strongest people out there. You never expect the strongest ones to have it. But as I said before it’s difficult to explain because it’s normally different for everyone. But all in all, all of us with depression are patients. It takes time for us to recover. So if you have someone who is a friend or family member with depression please take your time with them and a small phrase “are you okay” can help a lot. If they say ‘I’m fine’ give them that look. The look where you know they are lying and trust me they will never forget that day. When someone cared enough to see through the ‘im fines’ and fake smiles. That could save their life. So please don’t judge depression as harshly as you do. And please you people out there that act like you have depression stop. Nobody likes it when you fake it for attention. When you constantly talk about it because nobody was biting on the topic of you ‘killing yourself’ so after I post this I will go into my settings and make it so that anyone can message me even if I’m not following you and I’d be happy to lend an ear and listen and help you out. I may not be the best at cheering you up but trust me your not alone.

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    “Having anxiety and depression is like being scared and tired at the same time. It’s the fear of failure, but no urge to be productive. It’s wanting friends, but hate socializing. It’s wanting to be alone, but not wanting to be lonely. It’s feeling everything at once then feeling paralyzingly numb.”

    wanted to talk about anxiety as well cuz it's something depressed ppl often develop. This duality of feelings is overpowering. It's like you know what you should be doing, you know where to walk, you having a plan and not being able to get tho it. There are also days where u can feel better and be closer to yourself and others where u just wanna be left alone. Anyone going tho this struggles can also DM, i'll gladly reply and try to cheer you up!

    To the depressed ppl out there YOU ARE NOT ALONE

  • @abby-22 Abby that was written so well & one day maybe I’ll be able to tell you about my own battles with depression. Thank You for writing that.

  • @sara-f hey girl...looks like its awesome to chat with ya..DM me plz

  • can you name a single illustrious human who existed 100 yrs ago?

    I reckon maybe, you can name one or two.

    That was illustrious human, a famous individual who made a great impression on the rest of humanity...

    What about an ordinary person?

    Not a single name springs to mind, huh?

    Out of the hundreds of thousands, the millions of lifes lived, none are known to you, their struggles, stories, achievements, failures, tears and joys... all are utterly forgotten.

    And, so it will be with you.

    As with almost everyone.

    Prior to your own death, you will watch as everyone you love and have ever loved, dies around you.

    Where do all those lives go?


    They are all subsumed, vanished into the substrate from which they formed.

    There is no heaven, only more life forming from the substrate.

    You SHOULD suffer from depression.

    Any thinking person should be at least mildly depressed - life is short and shit. It takes almost your entire life to deal with issues which arose in childhood and just when you think you have resolved those issues, it's time to die and be totally and completely forgotten.

    So yes, be depressed but remember that depression is part of life.

    And life has to be lived.

    Get on with it, stop thinking about depression, stop thinking about yourself all the time. Be curious.

    Discover things, learn things, wonder about things.

    We live in a time when discomfort and suffering are being minimized, imagine you were in a concentration camp and about to take a beating from a Nazi guard, imagine how fucking depressing that would be, just try to imagine.

    Now realise that you are not in a concentration camp and are not about to take a beating.

    Some humans had to go through that and you did not.

    So appreciate that fact, you're lucky.


    Take it easy and (hu)man up.

    Imagine how depressed you'll be if you actually get cancer and, thank your lucky stars you are where you are, in the place you are and in the time you are, with access to the greatest library the world has ever known - the internet.

    Struggle is part of life, accept that idea and live.

    p.s paragraphs exist for a reason.

  • Depression is equals to emptiness and nothingness. It doesn't even hurt. You just feel nothing. Life and everything and everyone is not important anymore. There is no moving forward. Its just being here and there with nowhere to go. Moving but not being a part of anything.

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