can you name a single illustrious human who existed 100 yrs ago? I reckon maybe, you can name one or two. That was illustrious human, a famous individual who made a great impression on the rest of humanity... What about an ordinary person? Not a single name springs to mind, huh? Out of the hundreds of thousands, the millions of lifes lived, none are known to you, their struggles, stories, achievements, failures, tears and joys... all are utterly forgotten. And, so it will be with you. As with almost everyone. Prior to your own death, you will watch as everyone you love and have ever loved, dies around you. Where do all those lives go? Nowhere. They are all subsumed, vanished into the substrate from which they formed. There is no heaven, only more life forming from the substrate. You SHOULD suffer from depression. Any thinking person should be at least mildly depressed - life is short and shit. It takes almost your entire life to deal with issues which arose in childhood and just when you think you have resolved those issues, it's time to die and be totally and completely forgotten. So yes, be depressed but remember that depression is part of life. And life has to be lived. Get on with it, stop thinking about depression, stop thinking about yourself all the time. Be curious. Discover things, learn things, wonder about things. We live in a time when discomfort and suffering are being minimized, imagine you were in a concentration camp and about to take a beating from a Nazi guard, imagine how fucking depressing that would be, just try to imagine. Now realise that you are not in a concentration camp and are not about to take a beating. Some humans had to go through that and you did not. So appreciate that fact, you're lucky. Smile. Take it easy and (hu)man up. Imagine how depressed you'll be if you actually get cancer and, thank your lucky stars you are where you are, in the place you are and in the time you are, with access to the greatest library the world has ever known - the internet. Struggle is part of life, accept that idea and live. p.s paragraphs exist for a reason.