• There is so much that I want to say, and yet,

    My brain will not comprehend it,

    To put it into legible words,

    To speak it out loud.

    I look at the screen,

    Craving to fill the blank space,

    With words, with thoughts,

    With ideas beyond my vocabulary.

    I scroll back up,

    What did we talk about that got me hooked,

    Like an addict I look for something,

    Something to start the words flowing.

    It seemed so easy at first,

    Where did that ease go, I wonder?

    Were you just like the others,

    Sweet until you tapped into me?

    Tapped into the side that I try to hide,

    The side that I despise yet crave to appease,

    Perhaps life was meant to be this way,

    For me to never quite understand.

    For whom amongst us truly understand the workings of the mind?

    I found this site in my longing for someone to talk to,

    For someone to dissect me,

    Find what was wrong with me,

    Fix me.

    I came upon you,

    You were sweet, caring,

    You made me feel like I was worth something,

    But then it happened.

    You changed once you saw me,

    You saw only the physical specimen,

    You no longer wanted me,

    At least not for the thoughts that occupied my head.

    I turn away disgusted by the creature,

    That pours out her thoughts into the great unknown,

    How is it that one so broken,

    Can have thoughts so foul?

  • @ms_e I love it. I'm so sorry that anything like this could happen to anyone, but that's crucial to any online, or physical relationship, is being interested in a person in all ways.

  • @us-poet Unfortunately, if one puts themselves out there they have to be ready to take the good with the bad. Even if there's a lot of bad. :(

  • @us-poet Also, thanks. :) Means a lot from you to like it let alone love it.

  • @ms_e I'm sure you'll find the good. You're too awesome in all the ways that matter, for it to be bad for long. Of course I love it. It's a very touching and moving poem, that activates my empathy for you.