• Alright so lately I’ve been down
    And now it’s time to turn that shit around
    I’m tired of this life of the depressed
    Complaining that everything’s a mess
    Because I control my own destiny
    No matter what anyone thinks of me
    My situation has been tough
    But I’ve finally had enough
    I was knocked down pretty hard
    When the world caught me off guard
    It threw everything it had at me
    But the old me is coming back
    Just wait and you’ll see
    I’ll come back stronger than ever
    Because I’ll never surrender
    To this world which tried to break me down
    Just know I’m taking back my crown
    Because my life is my kingdom
    And I’ll never again be depressions victim

  • Damn thats my bruh!! Hats off brother!! The king is back

  • Music Lovers

    @football_m29 thats 👏 mah👏 Bestie 👏

  • @football_m29 its fuckin AWESOME!

  • @willoww Thanks bestie

  • Freedom Writers

    @football_m29 awesomesauce. Fuck depression in it's clowdy face, and put it in it's place, of dismay, and forgotten destinations.

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