🥰How does the journey begin...and how does it end. I'm talking about life journey. 💕

  • How do you feel as you grow in life with your partner?
    And how does it feel when your partner says that our journey was till here?
    How do you feel when everything depends on your partner?

    I think it gives a lot of trouble to someone, even we don't known that we are living alone.
    Time is passing, and we see ourselves alone, we are lonely even in the midst of all.

    He said so easily, I like you but we have no future.
    I thought age is just a number, love can happen to anyone, Means age doesn't matter that much in love, ig?

    I never gave up and always kept on moving forward.

    But now I am losing, When will this journey of ..💔 life end?

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    @sania-sus Hey there !! I'm utterly sorry for what you have been through, and how it haunts even now !!
    My dear friend, let's give a though upon, What is love? & What was love for me actually ?
    It was when I believed, I was the happiest person on earth, if I had only her and nothing else..
    It was when I looked at her, and felt a pain in my chest, over how I would find anything more beautiful..
    It was when I started writing, because what she made me feel was so intense, it couldn't just remain in my thoughts..
    It was pain, a feeling that emptied out my chest and ate me alive knowing just because I love her, it didn't entitle me to have her..
    My love for her was like an ocean, slowly drowning me and I was clinging to the last piece of driftwood that was my hope.. Sometimes holding upon is more painful
    than letting it go..
    #Life_it_is #Untold_Truth #It_hurts

  • @sania-sus heyy, everything will be fine eventually ♥️

  • ur born to die

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