• Enough is enough, chatters. I, one of the veterans of this website, have had it.
    I have had a taste of being both moderator and chatter. 6 months of attending this hell hole that I called my second home.
    Yeah, I get it, the system is corrupt and a lot of moderators ban for absolute no reason.
    I get that we must have our opinions, our say; and we are able to do that. Just speak up, don't let your anger boil to the point of hatred. However, our anger has become so uncontrollable, similar to the fires of Cali.
    I am one of those people who has got caught up in the anger. I feel betrayed by the admin, my fellow people who I thought were my friends, but I have always thought for myself; and gone against the shit I thought wasn't right. I realized I harbored a lot of anger from the chatters I respect, and it isn't like me to get so heated. I apologize for that.
    This is one of the best worst chatting websites we have, and we must stick together before it becomes a disaster. Kind of like a relationship.
    I am all for people being who they are, excluding pedophiles, spammers, and extreme perverts; just...stop this.
    In my 6 months of being here, this has never happened. Where one friend goes after another. We all use to insult each other and laugh about it, and now I see people taking it personally.
    We all found this place, and stuck to it for our own reasons. We need to stop being so fucking irrational and get back to being drunkened pieces of shit who have fun.

    I would like to also add that insulting does not do an exceptional job at making someone listen. I enjoy insulting, and being insulted as playful banter. An easy way to get where we want this website is to agree at a level, and make our voices heard. No one is the voice over ours, we are the people who make this website. We can make things happen if we wanted to. We just have gone about it wrong because we were sick and tired of the disloyalty and bullshit we were handed.

  • @kanuna well said Kanu in all my time on tws...I’ve never seen so much hate...

  • Also @vrinda , @Lucifer , @TalkWithStranger
    Can you all stop being immature as fuck by saying i’m ‘dating’ Jam all because I defended him against you dipshits lol. It’s so pathetic.

  • Loved you statements especially

    we are the one who make this website,we can make it happen

    Let's forget the bad times, let's be happy, let's laugh and let's make this site a better place and let's call it as our second home.


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