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    It has come naturally. Even though I'm 19 and still single, white girls are my nutrient. They give me what my body needs. Now if this girl is out of shape or not to my liking, not interested. In Savannah (at least where I stay at) most white women I see are attractive, even in my school. Every fucking day I wish (might even pray about it) hoping a smart, funny, attractive, sexy body, understanding white girl approaches me. I'm really starting to fucking think that maybe it is my race because society today don't normally see a white women approaching a black man like me. I see white women jog often which makes them hotter. This is why staying in shape is important for both guys and women to feel and look better than they already are. Don't even get me started on white women wearing jeans that fit their shape, this arouses me. And yes, I see many white women wearing jeans. White women to me personally first has to be smart, but i view them as a sex appeal. Brunettes and blondes are the main white women. A white women can have any color in her hair and still attract my attention of arousal. If there was a party invitation for which I was invited with white women at that party, I AM GOING TO FUCKING GO. White women to my desired needs is an awakening. I'm just basing my desires on theories though.

  • Yea the meat is pretty tender but the flavour leaves something to be desired. They are pretty easy to hunt as they are quite oblivious though.

  • @Rayse what do you mean by meat? seem appealing