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    I want to have sex with my girlfriend.
    I want to make friends, and i am used to being approached rather quickly.
    I want to have sex only with my girlfriend.
    Yet, i've been feeling like a spammer, fag and a loser, cause i'm a male.
    Internet is overrated. You cannot see, hear, meet me, you don't know me and i don't know you.
    I'm not approached here and nowhere else because i am a male and yes, males tend to screw things (up).
    But i have faith.
    I will cross over stigma with the power of internet and all the boys who can relate to this post and will eventually like it because it suits them perfectly, does it not?
    No. GTFO my post, this is my description, suitable for me. I am an individual. And i am angry so lay your hands down that upvote button.

    I was looking for girls, yeah, why on earth would i want to chat with a boy? I'm boy enough myself. I don't get along with boys anymore, i have my fair share of dudes to chill with, i need no more.

    I was looking for girls for chatting. And hell knows what. And i was looking for cool girls because i can. And for hot girls. Hot is somewhere near cool, and there are higher chances for a girl to be awesome if she knows she is and if she values that.

    So, am I to blame? i don't really care, but needed to say those things.

    It's all copyrighted. It's mine.

    Hello everyone, i'm Steve. Hmu. I won't try to have intercourse with anyone.