• My own thoughts: I have always been curious about immortality, because for me life feels far to short do pursue all my interests. I think we could achieve it in the coming 100 years, through DNA viruses that can lengthen telomeres and/or other advanced medical procedures. An other way, would be to make a backup of your neuron patterns and transmit them to a clone, a bit like altered carbon. Only for me that wouldnt be prefered, it would then just be my copy living on and not me. Curious about what you guys or girls think about it

  • @M22-Holland

    It's a scary yet powerfull concept to be explored. I've always wondered about it, but being immortal might be "for too long" for some people, as for others might be too short :joy: It's really a matter of perspective I guess.
    On the immortalitty topic, I started to believe it might be possible when I 1st heard about that immortal fish. I don't know much about it but I read somewhere that someone found a fish that never ages and only dies victim to his predators!

  • @M22-Holland the world is over populated as it is . Immortality only speeds up the process for the eventual time there are too many people and not enough food or water sources to sustain us . instead of figuring how to live forever in a world that can't support it figure out how to sustain the population first . Just my thoughts

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    hank you so much for this. I was into this iss https://mxplayer.pro/ ue and tired to tinker around to check if its possible but couldnt get it done. Now that i have seen the way you did it, thanks guys

  • I can't imagine being immortal. The idea of never dying scares me as much as always being alive. For me it comes now to loneliness and living without the means to deal with it.

  • No, having unlimited resources of something makes it hard for you to see it's worth and what's the fun of it,if it just the aam eold same old

  • Being able to choose when one dies. applauds

    Is the desire. Not too short of time, not too long of time.
    Everyone has their own definition upon duration.

    If some people would like to try go on, sure.
    If they would like to end it with a push of a button, sure.

    Having control over it, most will be satisfy.

    The philosophical question of "should one or would one possibly live further than 200 years".
    Hell yeah. Maturity at year 100 is pretty staple foundation by then, sure

    But DAMN, who would not like to see the future as far as they could, enjoy new technological feat not possible in the now.

  • Life is worth living because of the fact that we know its going to end