I want kids but my girlfriend doesn't want them... what should I do?

  • I’ve been dating my girlfriend for over 8 months now and I’ve been thinking of popping the question.

    However, I feel like I have to hold back for a bit… when I started talking with her about

    having a family, she show disinterest in having kids. We were having fun and talking about

    having 3 kids but then she followed it with “having kids are troublesome,

    I honestly don’t want to have any…”

    I was taken aback, I had asked her more about it but she just shrugged it off saying that

    she just doesn’t want them. I made it clear with her that I want to have kids.

    So now I am wondering if we are still on the same page as when we started…

    we are both dating with intentions of marriage, but with the current discussion it’s almost

    like it might not work out.

    When I first met her through a singles tour, she was really charming (still is) and

    she made it clear that she wants to find that one person to spend the rest of her life with.

    But because we never talked about having kids whatsoever, now that it happened,

    I am surprised. What should I do? I love her and I want to spend the rest of my life with her

    but I want to have a family… I really need help, please!

  • Well adoption is an option if u cool with it. 🙄

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  • @amaninlove43 well first thing you need to get more in depth of WHY. I dont want kids either, my boyfriend does. Because i fear labor. And if thats the case, then adoption is an option, right? If she doesnt want kids vecause “its too much work”, then thats too broad. You need to ask questions such as “are you scared we cant support it?” Or “are we just too young right now?” Then if any of this still leads to no kids, then you need a little tip. Love is about compromises. If you really love her. And honestly think she is the one, then maybe you need to accept that she isnt going to fulfill that dream of yours. Sorry, i know its not very helpful.

  • @amaninlove43 listen bro, one thing you need to know is that you guys are probably still young and have your whole lives ahead of you...and you have plenty of time till you even have to talk about having kids..why do you wanna rush it? Have you even considered that maybe she isnt ready to be a mom yet..give her some time man, she needs to understand the joy of being married before she can think of being a mom..so my suggestion is give her time.. let her ease into it..overtime she will start thinking about having kids like you. ✌

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  • Compromise. Adoption is always another option and there are so many kids in orphanages these days.