@sania-sus Hey there !! I'm utterly sorry for what you have been through, and how it haunts even now !!
My dear friend, let's give a though upon, What is love? & What was love for me actually ?
It was when I believed, I was the happiest person on earth, if I had only her and nothing else..
It was when I looked at her, and felt a pain in my chest, over how I would find anything more beautiful..
It was when I started writing, because what she made me feel was so intense, it couldn't just remain in my thoughts..
It was pain, a feeling that emptied out my chest and ate me alive knowing just because I love her, it didn't entitle me to have her..
My love for her was like an ocean, slowly drowning me and I was clinging to the last piece of driftwood that was my hope.. Sometimes holding upon is more painful
than letting it go..
#Life_it_is #Untold_Truth #It_hurts