Book of omens, the poem of the rambler

  • a black cat with bright blue eyes is sitting in front of a human, towering over them

    Sad human

    I know I am not sad

    life is everchanging

    cats cannot be sad

    You can't put me in this position of sad human...

    I can't be sad human permanently or a happy cat permanently

    Cause you are not good person, that is why you got no friends ....

    if you wanna belong with them

    then you are either a fool

    Or I don't know

    And neither do i care

    I am your worst fear

    your biggest enemy

    And worst of all you and whole human race would never be able to stop me

    At least not as you are now...and if it was different you would never have a need of stopping my life

    And I would never have need for your destruction ...

    We would coexcist just fine

    But at the end, its choice of our race...

    I must be

    No other explanation

    all of you together can do that

    And in the end...

    I will be the form that will stand above you

    While all that is left of you would be soil

    What I would like Is not what you would even understand

    what I like is not for individualty ....

    individuality is what I like

    And individualy I am not human....

    I do not put terms on life

    Its what I debate against at this point

    If you feel like you belong somwhere more then other...then nothing comes through your thick skull

    Bash it on a concrete and end your further suffering

    Cause its all you will get out of life

    by keeping yourself separated

    the black cat turns tail and starts to leave, vanishing into the night, shadows around its paws like thin whisps of smoke, and leaving behind nothing but a memory of a warning. The human also turns around, having understood nothing of what the little critter tried to tell him, his ears having caught nothing but mewling and hissing

    (With special thanks to Apex)

  • get cat'd h00man

  • @NineLivesCat OH so You're a Cat of your word , you did It ;) TM Is proud of you my friend :)

  • @NineLivesCat

    All Hail The Cat God!

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