• You’re wild and free
    Brave as the sea
    You’ll dive into the deepest depths
    You’ll dance among the stars
    You’ll skim below the surface
    You’ll pull me from
    My shipwrecked heart
    Back to the warmth
    Of your sunny love
    When the storms rage
    You’ll take me to
    The calm and not let me drown
    You’re wild and free
    And brave as the sea
    You’re mystical and sensual
    A poet dancer healer
    You’re the moon and stars
    The wildflowers of a field
    The Goddess has blessed you
    You’ll dance among the waves
    You’ll sing songs to delight hearts
    You’ll live forever in young girls hearts
    Oh how I yearn for you
    My priestess divine
    My hearts delight
    I’m enraptured by you’re sirens song
    I want nothing more than to be yours
    Till the songs go silent and the
    Eternal music stops
    Till we are embraced by our Mother
    One last time

    @Cosmic_Lady just thinking bout you. And this came to mind.

  • @Wicked_ love this Claire! My shipwrecked heart, what a line! That will stay with me forever. You nail it with your poetry, encapsulate all the crazy madness of the human condition with a few heartfelt simple words, like a mother's hug, or a lover's kiss, justmakes everything instantly better. Still waiting on the sci fi novel, you HAVE to finish that, you could be the next Iain M Banks, your ideas are brilliant, your imagination is tolkienesque ❤

  • @Scottish I wonder ,what sci fi novel are you talking about,Please tell me.

  • There will always be a space in my heart and soul, feel safe and crash on my shores