• Many millennia passed before the final war came. God had gone from wanting to destroy all humanity to having a chosen people to providing all humans with a way to salvation. Well God wasn’t going to get all humans with his plan and I forget which of the major three was actually the correct one or maybe all three were correct they all descended from the same root.

    Anyway Father had decided to reap the ones who would follow his ways and to destroy the rest. Lucifer being the sworn protector that he is rose up against our Father one last time. The armies of Heaven and Hell clashed on the earth Humans fighting and dying with us Immortals and the Soulless. The battle was brutal and in the end we couldn’t stand against Father. Those of us that survived the fighting were imprisoned awaiting our final judgement.

    I, Chimra, was now in such a cell. I was held by Hell Iron chains to the ground barley able to rise to my knees. And on the outside stood an Angel, brother, lover that I hated. Camael stood pleading that even now I could ask forgiveness and Father would welcome me back and that we could once again be together. I glared up at him forced myself straining against chains to rise into a crouch. I wasn’t sorry for anything I’d done. I’d been charged with teaching, guiding, and protecting humanity. I’d done everything in my power to fulfill that charge. I’d fought wars killed for that charge. I wasn’t sorry I wouldn’t ask forgiveness for something I was proud of. I smiled malevolently and told Camael that I wouldn’t repent that he could take his Father’s forgiveness and shove it. I used several far more descriptive and possibly impossible suggestions but I won’t spell them out here.

    Anyway time passed the cells around me emptied. I remember screaming at Father if he was gonna punish me to get it over with I was tired of waiting for him to get around to destroying his daughter. Yes I was still being defiant. I figured what could it hurt I was going to die anyway might as well piss him off further.

    When they came and drug me from the cell I was beyond bored and pissed. I was drug before the Throne and Lucifer sat chained like me. Micheal called out that I was charged with multiple counts of armed uprising, the murder of Angels, with declaring myself a Goddess, with impersonating an angelic being, and finally with defiance of Father our supposed God, Lord, and Creator. Micheal asked how I wished to plead. I laughed defiance once again and declared proudly that I was guilty of all but the last as I didn’t recognize Father as all that he was stated to be and that I’d proudly do it all over again.

    Father’s voice boomed out that I could be cast out into the Lake of Fire and suffer eternal damnation. I remember struggling fighting as best as I could be fore my body turned to fire where I was wrapped in flames burning being consumed by the flames but not dying. I would grant Father this much. He’d gotten more creative with punishment.

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