• What is the dumbest thing you believed as a child ?

  • Global Veteran Chocolate Lovers ;)

    @Aleph I don't know the dumbest thing I ever believed in, but I still remember the dumbest thing I ever did. I bought toy money with real money lol😂

  • This one I remember and still wonder about it
    If our heads bump once it's a bad omen and a monster will hunt us down, so always bump it 2nd time intentionally to avoid bad fate and ofc the monster
    What about you?

  • @Aleph I Belived every one around me!! that's the dumbest thing I ever did rather beliveing in myself .. so was really dumb plus stupid !!

  • there are these plants that are called cattail,
    thought they were wild corndogs...
    i wasnt the brightess light in the tree but im still alive soooo0000OOOOO

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