• Answer the question and/or read about my experience if you want.

    Just want to start with saying that I've always been super skeptical about anything supernatural and all.
    So this afternoon, two of my friends who are avid believers of spirits convinced me to try to speak to some.
    So they came over to my house and we did some weird prayer I wasn't really paying much attention to, got a piece of paper and tried to communicate with them. The point was that apparently they're supposed to talk through you, and you have to ask them questions about them or yourself and write the first thing that comes to mind.
    Not a very trustworthy experience in my opinion, but I went with it just for fun.
    The first question I asked was "What do I love?". I began writing about my loved ones and how much my family means to me, but there was something weird about the way I was writing, as if there was something else I wanted to say, but couldn't put into words or didn't know what it was.

    At that moment the home phone rang. I interrupted the activity to go answer it and my uncle was on the line.
    I'm from Canada, but half of my family on my dad's side is from England so I unfortunately don't talk to them very often. He told me he'd like to speak with his brother, but he was at work so I asked him if I could leave a message.
    He suddenly announced that my grandma was at the hospital and that it was kind of urgent.

    Now that I think of it, maybe what the "spirit" was trying to say back there was that I regretted not talking with that part of the family so much. I honestly don't know if the "conversation" I had with the spirit about my family and the sudden news about my grandma is a coincidence or not, but it left me kinda shaken up.

    So what do you think? Coincidence or nah?

  • Wtf Judith? Am I supposed to read all of that? Let me take some time

  • @meyouandsomemore i know, that's why I said at the start you can read about my experience or just answer the question XD

  • @wtfjudith Don't worry I will. I think you expressed with your feelings and I will espect that

  • @wtfjudith i believe in spirits....i had a real bad encounter with one....and i dont wanna experience the same feeling again....tbh it was really really scary..i never believed in ghosts and spirits uptil THEN.

  • @cutekanak damn, what happened?

  • I always defend that coincidences happen and what happened to you was the case. But what I take from this is that everything happens for a reason and I guess what matter is the way you interpret what surrounds you and what happens near you. It could change your mentality and make you realise things are very fragile (life) and you can have a essencial role in other's.

  • @wtfjudith i was 10 years old when i had that experience. I live in an apartment with my family. The apartment on the second floor belonged to my friend's (mine was the first floor one) . There are 4 appartments in the building. Each appartment at different floors. So that night me and my friend were at my home. Suddenly the lights went out. And my friend asked me to drop her off to her home as she was afraid of dark...still is😂..anyway...I agreed. I was never afraid of dark and didnt believe in ghost shit. We went to her appartment on the 2nd floor. We rang the bell. Nobody answered. We rang it again. Still no response. We kept on ranging the bell for abt 10 mins. I was tired....so I decided to sit on stairs leading to the third floor. I turned and saw a woman staring down at us and not moving an inch. There was a strange aura around her....like i got the chills just looking at her. I grabbed my friend's hand and said look someone is standing up there. She turned back to see who it was. The sec she saw her she started shaking. I asked the woman who she was as she didnt look like the lady living on the third floor....she growled. This scared the hell out of us. We ran back to my home ....explained everything to my parents but they didnt believe us. Then the light came back. And we took the courage to go to the 3rd floor's owner. We went to her home asking her whether she played a prank on us...she said she was sleeping....and then we went back to my friend's home and rang the bell ...her grandma opened it. We asked her why didnt she answered the bell before she said......it never rang..and she heard nobody's knocking at the door.

  • @cutekanak shīt, i would have been terrified.. I guess after going through something like that you're bound to start believing in them

  • @wtfjudith yeah...hence i believe in them

  • @wtfjudith i don't believe in spirits bcoz i only believe in what i can see.
    If they existed in the world, i would like to talk with them. I have tried to communicate with them. Firstly, I downloaded several apps- ghost rider, ghost sensor-EM4 detector etc. I went to some places like my college, coaching class, old school but couldn't communicate with any soul. Ghost sensor showed some random words like- shirt, april, buttons, plane, puppy. These words were belong to environment around of phone. 2nd app which i described, didn't work too. Both apps were showing that spirits were around me but i couldn't communicate with any soul. Later, i had been staying in a cementry for 2 hours but i failed this time too.
    That's why i don't believe in them.

  • yes
    ver much

  • @wtfjudith as someone who's had a firsthand experience, yes I believe

  • @zazzles It was a mirror!!!!
    alt text

  • @lucifer_ 😱😱😱

  • @wtfjudith whether you see it as a coincidence or not depends on your tendency to believe in the supernatural

  • Ok, I believe in spirits and those of you who don't, you probably never came across any. I have a lot of bad experiences.Yes, a lot of close and bad experiences.
    One of my experiences:
    One afternoon, when I was 9-10-11, my mum was sitting right in front of me watching t.v. Suddenly I could feel IT around me but it didn't let me react/speak while I was fully awake. EYES OPEN! I cried for help but nothing came out of my mouth. A few minutes later i found myself crying in her arms. I survived that horror somehow and had to go to a temple for the next 3 days.
    And i still feel a lot of things happening around me but i just ignore them and nothing happens.Thats how you deal with it once your grown.

  • @wtfjudith one can only believe such things only when they themselves feel or experience it. Otherwise to swallow such things. This life is too mysterious and complex to understand

  • Yes i believe and i saw a shadow in my bathroom at 1am before 15+ days and u wont believe,that shadow get into my neighbour and controlled his mind,now he screams and cries and he dont why he doing so,doctors told that it isnt a disease, so it is confirmed that ghost exists💀im not lying,believe me if u want or idc😕

  • Gamers

    maybe i will be less skeptical, if i came in contact with someone