• I recently had the occasion of meeting a girl 40 years younger than me, as I've posted around. We met when she found out I smoked weed and she needs to be smoking weed. I lived downstairs from her and her living-with-mom boyfriend so it was a very strange encounter. I'm not one to jump another guys claim even when the stock leaves the pen and winds up in my corral and, being 40 years older, had no real interest in dating towards the expected outcome of dating. I couldn't think of her as a soulmate, in that respect, but had developed feelings for a kindred spirit, also something I consider to be soul based. I was often amazed when her responses would be so close to something I would say or have said at her age. I even had a little pride being the elder to talk to.
    I guess I'm defining soulmate as a life long mate, somehow meant, to meld and share life, most often expressed though marriage. A kindred spirit is more temporary I guess being just happenstance with the available ingredients making a soul. The odds are some will be similar. The happenstance connection of similar souls should have an impact on one or the other, no?
    I'm looking for validation of my beliefs, I believe.
    I believe I'm being honest about the connection I felt.