• I have a feeling that mutual trust and respect can resolve all kinds of conflicts among human beings. This applies to sibling rivalry, marital disharmony, friendship turned hostility, improper relationship with parents or children etc. Unfortunately, I have seen cases where a teacher becomes jealous of his student(s) and turns into a rival. While I find jealousy to be the strongest spoiler for good relationships, wise human beings try to resolve conflicts by giving up their petty egos and by stopping to be jealous. However, I personally think that trust and mutual respect are two important aspects that helps reducing our ego problems. From my own experience, I can say that, while I tried respecting the viewpoints of a certain human being, I may have failed to accept his/ her philosophy as they perceive. Do you think that you can respect someone without accepting their viewpoints? How would you philosophize the establishment of trust among two friends in order to assure that they can respect each other without losing their own opinion?

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