• We always see people wish for money when given the chance to wish for anything, but we never hear why.
    If you were given a crap load of money- and I’m talking in the billions- what would you do with it?
    Keep in mind money doesn’t equal happiness... or does it? If you had the money to get the things you want do you think you would be happier?

  • If I am getting this so called money. I will be the happiest guy in the world.

    At least for me Money = Happiness

  • I like money.

  • @TheGoldenMole If I have billions, I like to have a public library where I can see children read books..I will also venture into business fastfood chain (eidr mcdo or jollibee), have my own boutique, owner of a manning agency, a store (car accessories), petshop and buy a yatch..

    But aside from these material ideas, money is must to buy the basic needs but in relevant meaning money is a blessing if you have enough share it.. :-)

  • Ofcource but some times we need money....to survive in this world....or other wise (in to wild)😊

  • @PyroDox how does it equal happiness? what would you do with the money that makes you so happy?

  • @Soup-Kitten said in Money and Things:

    I like money.

    wise words

  • @Bela-Hella are you business woman?

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    Thinking like Georg Simmel:

    Money is more than a measure of value and a means of exchange. Beyond its economic functions, it symbolizes and embodies the modern spirit of rationality, calculability and impersonality. Under its aegis, it has prevailed over the vision of the ancient world that gave primacy to feelings and imagination. Georg Simmel examines money, considering its influence on human relations and culture, and offering a classical analysis of the social, psychological and philosophical aspects of monetary economics. It analyzes the relationship of money to exchange, human personality, the position of women and individual freedom. But Simmel also gives us prophetic insights into the consequences of the modern monetary economy on the division of labor, and in particular on the processes of alienation and commodification in labor and urban life. This immense and profound work claims to be read today and in years to come as a dazzling analysis of the meaning, use and culture of money.

  • @TheGoldenMole said in Money and Things:

    @Bela-Hella are you business woman?

    No, a private employee but planning to have one of those by after a year.. :-)

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    If I was given,  I will buy a big house,sports bike n car, build schools n colleges, bars n wines, petrol bunks, produce movies, imports n exports gobally, help the poor, I BUILD BRIDGES NOT WALLS n also have SEX with celebs.

    We need money for few basic needs like food,water,shelter,cloths to survive
    and then more money to live a luxurious life. ( money is power you can do many things)
    You can earn money untill you don't lose your peace of mind.

    You feel unhappy when you compare with the people having more money than you.
    You feel happy when you Compare with the people having less money than you.
    Happiness lies in satisfaction if you're satisfied with what you got/have you will be happy.

    Happiness doesn't fill petrol In my bike.
    Money doesn't make my love to love me in return ( at least it brings pussies lol)
    both money n happiness are equally important.
    we should live by balancing both..

  • @TheGoldenMole Well now, GM. This is something I've often thought about. Obviously, me being me, I would incite a social and economic revolution. But it's interesting to note that I wouldn't need to spend penny one to infiltrate and finesse the current political classes, or to appease capitalist-minded members of the general public (which is where Corbyn's Labour is going wrong).

    You'd just need a relatively small amount of capital to build new housing, start non-metropolitan, non-stock-markety businesses --which you'd run along socialist lines-- and then the whole thing would slowly pay for itself. And then, once you started turning a profit, you could then use that cash to buy-out all private health companies ...and then you gone and dun it, boy, jobs a good un, civilization saved.