These are a few of my favorite things.....

  • What are a few of your favorite things?
    I love Burt's Bees Mango Lip Balm, rose lotion, the smell of fresh cut grass, watching leaves fall in Autumn, watching meteor showers, and music in general.

  • @Janet that's super cool. I pretty much love everything about nature. The river sound, the river flowing itself shining. The mountains and the fresh air. Fragrance of rose. The rain and thunder. The little kitty sounds are so cuutee. Music fo sho❀. PIZZA! Aquarium. Lions. I like many little things ooh and tattoos. Yep that's all I can think of right now.

  • @Aimeee omg you just reminded me of one more favorite thing, the sound of the bath tub filling up with water! I wish I could give you some of this rose lotion I LOVE. I have my girl friends it last year for Christmas and they loved it too. :)

  • @Janet ooh that cool. I ll look it up for sure and see to it. Sounds fresh

  • @Aimeee There are actually lots of vids on youtube of the sound for like hours cause people use it like asmr for sleep.


    Sitting at a fireplace with good company and a warm beverage on a cold winter night πŸ”₯ playing music, a warm cup of coffee on a slow morning, cute animals (that would be all animals, like, what animals are not cute?? Even Bison are cute) plantsss 😍 Actually, a lot of things.... summer evenings by the fire pit, watching the stars on a dark night, the smell of my favourite perfume, when I'm in good company 😏 There's so much to love!! Traveling, the colours of nature, like, I can go on and on and on and onn πŸ₯° (nice topic)

  • @Eucalyptus I love it. This was the point of my post! I wanted people to think of all the wonderful things in life. <3 ya Euca Babe :smirk:

  • Watching snow and rain falling, eating my fav food while watching old series episode, taking a shower and sleeping, smelling the gas can of the stove , preparing my hookah before gaming and praying till I sleep ( Talking to my self but Intentionally addressing my thoughts to god) , Watching babies and kittens videos when stressed or sad lol

  • @The-Mods said in These are a few of my favorite things.....:

    Watching babies and kittens videos when stressed or sad

    I like watching funny cat videos when I first wake-up if I happen to be feeling down.

  • I love everything which is ABT myself

  • @Janet
    Sunsets at beach, cakes on birthdays, morning and evening walks, cold breeze, watching video diaries after long time (I never made one but my brother made few on bday celebration. Which r so wholesale to watch 😭) , tracking, having the feeling after I climb a mountain, sleep at afternoon (not favorite but feels so good), exercises, reading self discipline books, dms, multi-player video games, storyline video games. Drinks with friends

  • @Treader33γ…€ said in These are a few of my favorite things.....:

    watching video diaries after long time

    I love the idea of this. You should make one now! Also, the rest of your favorite things sound real nice :)

  • @Janet
    Yeah I should give it a try xD. And watching those videos will be so fun after some years

  • I love writing.

  • @Kyle-Norwood said in These are a few of my favorite things.....:

    I love writing.

    That's awesome. I was never very good at writing. I do wish sometimes I could put my thoughts into words eloquently.

  • @Janet I recommend a blog.

  • Wordpress works well.

  • Pretending liking all the stuff basically 100% of everyone else likes for more or less the same reasons is somehow an inexorable part of my individuality. Playing up the most mundane interests as if they're irrefutable proof I'm a zany, edgy but also grounded guy. I won't explicitly ask for anyone's attention but if I act sassy and try to remind them that I'm so self assured, maybe in misguided respect or admiration they'll respond to the cheap bait I leave on many many posts I use to promote myself under the guise of discussing serious topics where I can use other people's authority to bolster my moral righteousness or 'exciting posts' where I can pretend I give a damn about anyone else's feelings and sate their insecurities to maintain a constant narrative of my concerns for communal wellbeing, and to have a degree of power that helps me ignore my own weakness. Ok maybe I just get obsessed over how self indulgent people are or the online personas they attempt to present... Which is in itself pretty self indulgent. Ah that's it, my favourite thing is catch 22! (P.S this is not an attack on you Janet, I know you don't fit the above. Just an old man's ramblings).

  • @Janet That's great.... πŸ™‚ My favourite thing is I wanna go for a cycle ride.. like a picnic through the hills enjoying the beauty of the nature... Riding in the morning when the cold wind slightly blows.. and watching the birds flying... Then.. going to the mountain.. and then watching the things I mean the trees, lakes, cities... From the mountain... Its really a nice adventurous trip it'll give a nice feeling...