• Henlo Gang SEEKERS Freedom Writers

    Part One

    Chapter :


    My wake demanded dew,
    and where but the garden
    fed my spirits to a sepian brim?

    The doctor, clad in a close-fit vest
    and high boots,
    formed a supervisionary escort.

    all the fires of the stars
    burnt the sky ashen and grey.

    “See the garden how it flutters?
    can’t you sense the whisper of every pad
    as if they were your own secret?”

    -Frankly, I do not.
    The moon is up
    but the sun is eternally absent.

    -Then do you listen with eye?
    or be it the ear?

    He pondered on it
    as I bent into a bouquet of thorns,
    sniffing the honeyed roses.
    I stood at his call.

    “Can you,” said he,
    “see the tree yonder how it waves?”

    -Yes. [For I could.]

    -What more is there?

    -It is nothing special.

    -Wrong. It is the least special,
    and that makes all the difference.
    One might see it vital.

    -True. [For it was.]

    -So can you see it?


    What he saw I could not see
    in that tree upon the moor.
    So I left it to the stars.
    The decision. The sight.

    “I want the stars. Give me the stars.”


    -The stars are mine.


    -They run and I run. They’re mine.
    They hurt and I hurt. They’re mine.


    -They burn and I burn. They’re mine.
    They blaze and I blaze. They’re mine.


    -They fade and I fade. They’re mine.
    They draw worlds on a tether and so do I.
    They’re mine.
    They follow principle and so do I.
    They’re mine.


    -The stars are mine and I want them.
    I want their fire and dust.
    I want their torment and death.
    I want their worlds and people.
    They are mine. The stars are mine.
    I burn, blaze and fade.
    I lead and I follow.
    I run.
    More than I can fathom, I run.
    I want the stars.
    Give me the stars.

    -But why?

    -I need them.

    Just contemplate the tree.
    Can’t you see?

    -What of it?

    -See its lustre? It shines.

  • "I want the stars, give me the stars"

    A line fueled by depression and that gave me the fight to write the whole book

  • @AlbeitDying Ugh Stop it man ur fckn AMAZING truly awesome dude ur content is brilliant keep em comin

  • @James-C-137 I'm glad someone likes it. Fourteen yr old me would be elated

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  • @James-C-137 thx. I wanted it to be different and weird and kind of annoying, taking up the page

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