• So im glad u know i exist even if you dont know my real identity. But i had this thought once how that you have ur family friends school work snd so on. And the world billions and billions of people Dont even know you exist. Like all ur feelings thoughts friends struggles they dont mean anything to the world because They simply to the world do Not exist. Now it might seem a bit Okay i am just One human being The world doesnt know about ur existence but those billions and Billions Of people You Dont know they exist. Like u know they are there But u dont personally know them.
    You mean nothing to the world and the world means nothing to you. We are much smaller than we think we are.

  • This is a very profound thought. I've often thought people should be taught some kind of social empathy test at school to get to grips with this kind of existential thing. I'm sure our brains could handle it.

  • @Indrid-Cold Thank you so much

  • @Greymatter The world is very cruel🙁

  • @Greymatter That's why when I'm older im not hide in the corner im gonna stand out i wanna be a somebody

  • @Greymatter I've had countless reflections through the years about what insignificant specks of dust we are in the scheme of things. It can be distressing but also comforting. It's enough to be important to your loved ones, that is truly awesome but so is looking at the stars in the night sky and realising you are just one tiny grain of sand on the cosmic beach, it's good being a small part of something bigger

  • @Greymatter oh dearie!! u should understand first what exist ? U exist every thing exist or else nothing exist for you.. you are visualizing and vocalising all yourself in your mind, Bascally in imaginary reality , that all human do nothing official about it