Growing up I was told never to question God. My parents were both Christians. But I recently just lost someone I love so dearly. And I have so many questions to ask God (if he exist). Why.... Just why take good people away? Where is God when you need him? I guess I will never know :(

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    @MillieBee When you lose
    someone you love,
    life will change,
    you rearrange,
    and everything around you
    seems so strange.

    The world will spin
    in the wrong direction.
    You feel alone
    and want affection.
    Your appetite changes,
    you may not sleep,
    you don't feel like talking
    to anyone you meet.

    But as time goes on,
    things will get better,
    and everything
    just comes together.

    And just because you smile,
    it doesn't mean you don't care,
    because you know in your heart
    that they will always be there.

  • life is meaningless, so i guess people gonna have to belive in something in order to feel better

  • Deus Vult.

  • I think even if he do exist, he probably doesn't care at all. you wouldn't care how many ant are there in your backyard or if they are starving or not.

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    @MillieBee Hey don't be sad I know how it feels when you lose someone you love ...ik how does it feel...okkkkk🙁🙁🙁🙁🥺

  • @MillieBee well maybe there is no explanation. It was their time and unfortunately we have to accept that. I'm sure at some point it'll make more sense but in the mean time celebrate the good memories and the time you did have with them ☺️

  • @Lazz only issue with that is generally they only have one perspective. From words and words can be interpreted differently from how I or you see them. It's better then nothing but only slightly

  • @Lazz based on their theology yes. Lol after that, it's personal opinion if you think it's good advice

  • @Canadian-guy Agreed, but let's not forget this Topic led with the notion that Christians shouldn't question, and yet here we are. Polite discourse is always welcome, though, regardless of subject. :v:

  • @Lazz any Christian that does not challenge their beliefs or question some ideals follows blindly and that's scary. I fully believe everyone has a right to their beliefs and values but I strongly suggest they read not just their book but everything around it and not be afraid to research other religions 😊 you're a good banter @Lazz, makes my brain work lol or at least focus haha

  • @MillieBee

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    @english-school said in Where is God when you need him? Does he exist?:

    there is God i do bilieve

    I don't bilieve u r good in teaching English tho

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    @BEES Great scientists have said that they can prove that God doesn't exist in that if God is both Beneficent and Omnipotent then he is powerful and good enough to keep all bad things from happening... so if God is Beneficent he cannot be Omnipotent and if he is Omnipotent he must be Malifecent for not Righting all Wrongs and stopping pain an misery... but does nothing to Right the Wrongs BECAUSE he IS Beneficent again BECAUSE he uses his great Patients and Power to allow us to learn to be more like Christ through personal hardships Then he IS Omnipotent... Free agency is a great gift he's offering to deal with hardship as well as act righteously or act wickedly by our choice to chose Right ir Wrong ultimately following him, becoming like him or as the scripture say, follow him, he is the WAY and the light, through tragedy and persecution we are learning more about him "... for in my father's house there are are many mansion."

  • God is always there for us and cares for us; he loves his creation but hates the bad behaviour of his creation.

  • Also God does exist! I mean we didn't come out of thin air... the big bang didn't occur from nothing! Plus an explosion usually creates disorder; actually the bigger the explosion the bigger the disorder! But with the big bang, instead of a massive amount of disorder, we got some of it and a beautiful world to live in.

  • @MillieBee Hey millieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee what happened - _ -... please DM me about it

  • @MillieBee Perhaps a Priest, or Pastor would be better able to offer you insight on this, if not answers.

  • @Canadian-guy Of course, that's true. But an actual Priest has gone through the schooling/training to be able to guide those seeking answers to those types of questions. At least their opinions are based on that.

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