• Just want your views and experiences so I may introspect... Mainly focusing on self judgement, ego/self-esteem, competence in any walk of life...

  • That is deep

  • Yeah man. With corona around figured why not refigure life with help from ya all!

  • @M_23_S-EXTER perfection turns to ignorance if u make the slightest mistake... and believing that one self is perfect is a mistake and therefore ignorance...

  • That is an interesting viewpoint. @N-akedM32 And I agree with you. Another man who would agree with you, I believe it was Sir Winston Churchill who said that no man can be perfect. We all can only strive for excellence. I believe I'm quoting him correctly.lol But I got doubts about what must a person strive for. Cause sure, Ignorance is bliss. Very often. But doesn't striving for perfection make us better than what we are for the world? Why do people consider that as an act of defiance against our own selves.

  • @M_23_S-EXTER perfection is an illusion... striving for perfection, I agree with you, is making us greater for the world, and nothing wrong in striving for it. But to claim to have made it into perfection, would be either ignorance or self deceit in my opinion, tho it's an illusion... tried the best I can, English isn't my first language. Cool topic btw

  • @M_23_S-EXTER the defiance thing, sounds like it have religious background "only God is perfect" and u can't act like God. That may well lie in the back of most ppls brains religious or not

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