• ABOOBS SPARTAN One Woman Army Freedom Writers Banned

    Kal watched as Mira fired and hit near the floating rock when suddenly the field lite up with enemy contacts as the Lyrans powered up their fighters.

    Frek Mira you stired up the hornets nest! Kal exclaimed as they both flipped and turned their fighters kicking them into full acceleration.

    They both began to jink, juke, and dive going into standard evasive actions while the Lyran fighters sped out fo the field pursuing them. It would be impossible for them to take on a whole wing alone but they could draw them out and stay alive while their squadron joined the fray.

    Suddenly shots came flying by and something inside Kal almost seemed to awaken. She pulled back on the stick while moving her thrust to zero till her ship was upside down and facing backwards. She squeezed the trigger not bothering trying to get a lock instead focusing on making them break from pursuit.

    She winged one barley and wouldn't have noticed it if the ship hadn't registered a glancing hit on the ship. She flipped her fighter back around and throttled up to full before stomping on the left rudder, pushing the stick forward and to the left sending her craft cartwheeling down and then jerking back sent her craft arcing back. As she came around she stomped hard on the right rudder falling in behind a Lyran Sekeht fighter. She squeezed the trigger following the craft relentlessly. As soon as she heard the tone her thumb shot up and hit the button firing a missile that went chasing after a Lyran fighter.

    Splash one!

    Kal continued jerking her craft through maneuvers that seemed impossible for the human body to absorb.

    Ghost think you can give me a chance to keep up?

    Kal ignored her wingmate her mind more focused on their adversaries. She was almost keeping up with their maneuverability being stopped only by her crafts own limitations. It didn't have the turn radius that the Lyran craft had.

    Lyran cruiser coming from behind the star.

    Orion this is Reaper One. We have confirmed contact. Clear for entrance. Launch Knights. We are still currently engaged with Lyran fighters.

    Kal watched as moments later the Orion came through a jump node and then reentered subspace to exit out nearly on the other side of the system. They were eager to engage pulling a stunt that could have landed them in the star's gravity well. The Lyrans fighters broke and began to streak towards the Orion but they didn't stand a chance of reaching it in time. She pursued using her cannons to tear another one apart. It wasn't long before the Knights and the Orion had turned the Lyran cruiser into a flaming hulk drifting in the system.

  • ABOOBS SPARTAN One Woman Army Freedom Writers Banned

    @Lazz @Futushimo this is why itโ€™s only a tease. I could post all Iโ€™ve written and it still wouldnโ€™t be finished. Just havenโ€™t had time to work on the short story I promised everyone so I put this up instead to hold everyone over till I can write out the short story.

  • @ClaireSheppard B R I L L I A N T ! ! ! More, more, more

  • Wait... What happens next?! I wanna know! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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