• Sup peeps....i am me Kanak 18 yrs old...and I joined TWS around 2 weeks far i have met many good people and many pervs too....but in short it all was a good experience. I AM glad i joined TWS.

  • Music Lovers

    i have met so many people who are kind and support my condition (read my bio if u don't know it) but a lot of haters specificly @slsteve and a lot of pervs


  • I've met some really awesome and not so awesome people. And also I met a close but annoying friend who gets mad when I ignore him and gives a lot of unsolicited advice πŸ˜‚ But he's on hiatus right now. And incase he happens to take a peek and see this, yes @Rendezvous I was talking about you lol

  • @cutekanak my story? Heh you sure you want to know it? Fine my story in recent times is trying to stay happy keeping others happy cause I see a lot of people getting sad and I’ve been sick of it

  • @rabbitboy ikr....i have been trying to do the same for past few years...people these days get depressed easily

  • So i joined the site 8months ago, i was bored as hell, like i repeated all my series like 3 times, all movies and i ddnt knew what to do with my life lmao. So i searched "online group chat" so far this was the best choice, i met lotta cool peeps in here

  • There s a show called MY HORROR STORY on the discovery channel. A must watch but make sure you don't have a weak heart.
    My TWS story has been repeated a lot of times on different posts so you can always refer to them lol.

  • I don't have any exciting story to share ....
    Everyday i come on tws bored ...leave when i get bored here ...come back when I'm bored again.....that's what i do every fucking day

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