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    Its hard being alive

  • Dear @James17
    If you still feel that nobody cares for you, then please look again at all the replies to your post by the loving people of this community.
    You might find yourself alone at times, fed up of your relations, lack of achievements, other people, the society, of yourself and even your life. These are the testing times. Remember that they will not last, and will eventually pass by.
    So many folks have turned up for you, James. All are ready to hear you out as nobody wants you to suffer. as @Sam420 said, remember your family and friends (the new online ones, too 🙂 ). You'll surely realise that a lot many people care for you. 😄

    Kudos to @sarah_the_magpie @Xx-chels-xX @Sam420 @سمير @garret-theresa @Belle123 and all the others for supporting our bro, James.

    Bless you, @James17 Wishing you luck and good health 😊

  • You shouldn’t want to, just enjoy life xo it’s a blessing 😘

  • @James17 everyone who cares about you, there are people who love you James and don’t want to see you in pain...

  • @sarah_the_magpie your right it’s just a phase for him, it’s natural

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    @Sam420 deep 😞

  • Banned

    Bruh don’t do it, mate I’m here to talk if you need someone

  • @James17 wow, I’m so sorry james, omg I have no words left to actually say, except I luv ya and I’ll be here for you ♥

  • Why?? Don't you kill yourself. Your life is precious k?

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    don't, you'll get over it

  • No,don’t. There are so many people who care about you. Your fam, your friends. Your life isn’t a story that you should end it. It’s a blessing. You have no idea how many people depend upon you. Please live. You never know maybe you’ll grow up and find the cure of cancer? Or be a successful singer? Or be a doctor who will save millions of lives.

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    @James17 bruh keep trying your favourite things... Everything will be good after some time...I guarantee"

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    Lemme just clear this up for you all when i was concieved my mother passed away. I then live with my dad and my little sister for 16 year till my dad passed away due to lung cancer 2 weeks before i turned 17. When i was 17 i lost my girlfriend of one year one month, she had been cheating on me with this other prick Josh Snowden in the 7th month of us dating and i didn't know it but that happened for a total of 4 months before i finally found out and dumped her now she was my first ever girlfriend i shared alot of first experiences with her. I lost my pop when i was ten and the funny thing is he died the same way as my dad from lung cancer. Now bring to when i was 15, three months before i turned sixteen my Best friend Rohan he kills himself by hanging himself in his own bedroom from a ceiling fan. That friend of mine i had been best friend for a total of 7 years. And only till just recently 5 weeks ago my little sister and my great pop died in a car crash. Now i live an orphanage and i am in Great pain plz understand that thank you.

  • @James17 aghhh man I love you so much

  • @VassiaD a lot has happened to him and it’s actually so sad ☹

  • @James17 James, nothing good or bad lasts forever mate, life is a series of ups and downs. You're having a lot of your downs now, that means you're due a lot of ups. Don't miss out on them, find some coping mechanisms, write, paint, walk until you're exhausted, go somewhere isolated and just fucking SCREAM your heart out. But don't give up, you have so much ahead of you. I tried to kill myself when i was a year or 2 younger than you, could see no happiness, no future. I'm glad i failed because there has been so much in my life that is awesome. I know at least one other person who replied here went through the same thing. Survive man, and pass on your wisdom to ease someone else's pain when the time comes

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    @GreyWind Thanks my friend i kinda realise that, part of the reason im still here they have made a huge difference to the pain in my life and for that i truly gratful for all there kind words, help and support.

  • @James17 I understand your feelings dear. But still you have your life. Try to love it. I'm not saying to forget everything. Just try to move on. You still are young. You have your whole life. Now try to concentrate on your studies, your ex cheated on you right? So prove yourself to her that she made a big mistake leaving you. Make your sis and dad proud. They will be seeing you from heaven. They will be happy when you live your life successfully.

  • @James17 Time can be a great healer. Don't be scared of the pain. Accept it, let it steel your nerves. It won't happen quickly, but you can take one day at a time. Try to find new interests, speak to people here, but above all don't be afraid of yourself. You are strong, even if you don't feel like it.

  • If you are fed up with your life then might as wel give to it someone else at least it would be useful for them , make someone's life a blessing thru you. But Don't kill yourself, its precious.

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