• She posted goodbye and whatever but stayed...I will not be staying...the messages and comments I have got are just disgusting and people have shown me how much troll/heartless they are. I don't give a feck what anyone thinks anymore but I am leaving before I get another message telling me I am stupid or to go kill myself because I might just do that.

    Thank you to the like 3-4 nice people I have met, and fuck you to most of the rest of you

  • @AmyLancaster don't listen to them. Is like you to stay. I want you to be happy. But you do what's best for you. I care about you more than. Words could describe. I would never. Ever want you to kill yourself! So please! 😭

  • @AmyLancaster I can't describe how much you actually mean to me.

  • @AmyLancaster I'm just passing by, looking random topics, don't mind me

  • @Erin722 just keep your mouth shut😡😡😡

  • @Rick-s why? What have I done? Besides care about her and try to fill her with confidence and positivity that she just rejects. Why should I keep my mouth shut about someone I care about.

  • @Erin722 you must be a good actor. You can convince anyone but don't try this on me. I know people like you so just don't pretend that you care about her. She leave because of you. So just keep quiet.

  • @Rick-s I told the truth and lied about my location and she freaked out on me and that's my fault?. I haven't released any of her private details or things she's shared with me because I care about her and want to keep her privacy. Because I care about her. I'm always here for her. And I've never said anything bad about her.. I've done nothing but tell her that I care about her and try to make her happy and support her. So don't try to say anything on something you know nothing about. This happened to one of my friends recently and he has vanished off the face of the internet. You think I want that to happen to another friend? Hell no!

  • @Erin722 you made a post stating that you would leave the site because your presence was now upsetting someone you care about. So you ARE aware that your presence upsets her.

    Now despite that awareness, you continue to post not only on the site at all (thus proving your complete insincerity) but particularly in a thread started by the person you KNOW is upset by your presence.

    If you cared about her, as you claim, you'd drop it for her sake and leave her alone. Instead, here you are again taking over her post and continuing the drama. This doesn't help her, this doesn't show that you care for her, all this does is further prove how so very insincere you are when you say you care about her.

  • @Da-C I only decided to stay because many other people wanted me to. That's it. I pretty much only said that I care about her, am always here for her and don't want her to kill herself. But sorry for being so selfish about that.

  • @Erin722 don't say sorry for being selfish, it's just more insincerity. You want to prove you're really sorry then actually leave like you said you would for her sake.

    "I care more than you will ever know, but I won't do the one thing that would prove it"

    You're so insincere

  • @Da-C it's only insincerity if I don't mean it. Which I do. But I'm allowed to change my mind if more people would be upset by my leaving. Which people have made clear. So wtf am I supposed to do? Either way I upset people don't I.

  • @Erin722 you don't mean it. You've shown that.

    What you should do then is at least stay away from her and anything she posts. Think you can do that to "prove you care"? I doubt it. How long until you can't resist replying to this despite"sincerely caring"?

  • @Da-C fine then. If that's what it takes then done.

  • Banned

    Thank you so much for this. I was into this i https://tracktrace.one/usps/ ssue and tired to tinker around to check if its possible but couldnt get it done. Now that i have seen the way you did it, thanks guys

  • @AmyLancaster the negative replies you got are a reflection of what they carry in their heart, its not about you, its about them. As for the good ppl, one should pick the good n leave the bad in its place:)

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