• Hi you guys that are reading this and those who read this in the future, sadly I won’t have a future like all of you but that’s okay the time I spent with you all has been the time of my life, I guess I should start with what I’m talking about first...my name is ash, I prefer not to be called that because I have cancer my hair is gone and I only got 5 more years left if not sooner....at first I was scared to say anything but thanks to vr (sorry your user is hard to type) and a few of my friends off this site they gave me the strength to get out of bed in the morning and push for a new day, if my time ever comes and I pass away I want be and the rest of you to know that you all are my blessing your all the ones that will make my death worth dying, I love you and the ones who support me in fighting this pain I’m going thro....thanks for being there and thanks for giving me reasons to give me reasons to keep fighting

    Love to all,

  • @pinkiepie Oh my god ash!!! Thank you for showing this much of courage. You're a very strong girl. And yes, I am proud of you. You're an amazing girl. Always try to overcome your fears. God bless you. Good luck girl!!

  • @vrinda wouldn’t be here without you

  • @call-me-ash you are the strongest girl i have ever seen. Stay strong :)

  • We all love u ash❤️
    I dnt knw what to say .. its just so unfair..
    U r amazing darling.
    U'r strong.. keep smiling.. ❤️

  • @sammy thanks you sammy and my puppy is happy with your name

  • U just belive in jesus nd pray to them they slove ur all prblem Amin

  • If u feel well and ur cancer gone then u go to church and say everyone that how jesus will help you Amin

  • Hi ash I am a cancer survivor I had stage 4 colon cancer but now it's gone so far I hope you get better try to get as much positive support as you can, and reach out to God, through him anything is possible, I will pray for you ugh I am so sorry you are going through this.

  • @call-me-ash We love you Ash and we are with you always 💖 Keep fighting , may be one day victory will be yours . Enjoy every moment of life and remamber , we are always here for you . Take care .

  • @call-me-ash spend the rest with your best