How to tell my mom that my brother is having suicidal thought?

  • (I'm sorry that there might be some grammar mistake in the following paragraph, because English is not my native language)
    I found a notebook while I was cleaning the room and I thought it was just some school notes that my brother did because I know he doesn't have a diary, but it only has two pages filled so I decided to read it. In the note, he wrote that he has been feeling worthless and unhappy, he lied about going to school, and he wants to die and disappear.
    I don't know what to do. Should I tell my mom about it or should I have a conversation with him first? Thanks.

  • @tomato1234 In my opinion, I think you should talk to him first, see what he has to say. Confront him what you saw. I'm not saying you should hide this from your mum but after listening him what he has to say, if he does that is, when he's ready, you and himself should talk to your mum about it afterwards. I think it's for the best. But I hope it helps. 😊

  • @tomato1234 Tell your mom that you're worried about him, show her the notes, and it doesn't matter if he is mad at you, you're helping him.

  • I don't think you should wait, he might do something really horrible.

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  • @tomato1234 tell them he isn’t thinking normal and acting strange and you are worried

  • Very sensitive subject.. definately try to connect with him.. but do not hesitate to take any actions if you get overwhelmed. This is alot of pressure for 1 person. Seek professional help. No such thing as reaching out to make the best decisions.if it was said.. take it serious and take action

  • Keep the secret that you read the diary, don't say it to anyone, even outside of the family, because if he knows, he could get even more depressive, he will think it's like a betrayal.

    Be very nice with your brother, and supportive, make him feel not "worthless".
    Tell your mother that you are very worry for him, and show her that you are really nice and supportive for him, maybe she will ask you why you are so nice with him, and you will say again: he is mentally very unwell.

    Don't have a conversation with him about that, it's not a good idea. When we feel suicidal and depressive, we don't like that kind of conversation.
    Just be supportive. Try to understand and ask him about his life, how he think about things, but don't ask him directly why he is suicidal. Just try to understand him without direct questions.

    Be nice and supportive: but be careful that he doesn't guess that you read it, so you have to do it progressively.

  • @tomato1234 definitely tell ur mom n together yourl all can help and its her right to know about her flesh n blood.