• So, when ever we r new for something, like first day of school/ college / office or pub chat we feel nervous, but after some days/weeks we be comfortable with it...
    What should be reason of that comfort ?

    1. Coz we knew peeps, and found they were the some like me
    2. The surrounding change a lil bit me, to be comfortable here 🤔🤔
      What do u think guys ? (expecting a wise answer )

  • @Spaghet33 This is a tough one. I almost never get nervous, not even by the things you mentioned. However, the rare times that I do get nervous, it's usually because I fear what someone/people may think of me. That fear goes away when I no longer feel like I might be judged. So maybe we get comfortable because we feel accepted? When we are liked the way we are, what is there to be nervous about? 😄

  • @Zen00 yeah.. I guess the real fear is.. Too much Overthinking ..

  • @Jerry33

    I believe usually it's because we get out of our comfort zone. If you do a certain thing and enjoy it, you will put it inside yiut comfort zone. If you explore the outside of that zone usually you will get nervous.
    For example, the 1st time you travel alone should be stressful but as you do other travels it will be something natural for you.
    Humans are creatures of habits!

  • @Mr-H aliens too :)))

    goddamit alex, why'd you have to bring up aliens every single damn time.

  • @Jerry33 I think it's cz when u get to know ppl n they're ur type, u start to like them....This liking makes u more comfy with them...That's what I think :)

  • when you knew peeps same vibes as yours, and you found them nice.. it will make you feel lighter and comfy

  • @Jerry33 maybe that nervousness is due to the fact that you wanna create a good first impression in the "new" peeps and don't wanna screw anything up.... well, one's time to shine will eventually come, so that feeling will be replaced by comfort in time... :))