What if doraemon is real and your room mate ..

  • So what if doraemon is real and your roommate, like nobita have. Which gadget u want from doraemon? Choice upto you.. How many and which gadgets you borrow, but at the end of the day doraemon will take it from you, n go in future forever!

    1. Jelly Translator

      Eat this magical jelly and you’ll instantly know how to speak and understand every single language in the universe.

    2. Memory Bread

      Eat the bread on your breakfast, you’re one step closer to that perfect test score! Yeah boooooooi !!

    3. Dress Up Camera

      Any woman would try to have this gadget at any cost. So which dress u like ladies ? (Can I take a pic 😋 JK)

    4. 3D Printer

      This lovely gadget can literally convert your drawings into real, life-sized versions. So if u choose this gadget I consider u good in drawing

    5. Convenience Purse

      This Special purse looks like an ordinary purse. What is amazing is the gadget allows you to pick up anything from anywhere.(I guess most of u don't knew about this, so that was just small detail)

    6. Invisibility Cape

      Who wouldn't want to take an experience of being invisible?
      Where u wanna go anonymously ? 😏

    7. Time Cloth

      You can even turn your dog back to its younger, cuter puppy version. Or be kid again !! 😺 👼 🐶

    8. Take-copter

      Why you want drone!? When u become the one, hmmm a new perspective to see world, cool !

    9. The ‘Anywhere’ Door

      Just tell your dream destination and this magical gadget will do the trick.

    10. Time Machine

      Cool! With this time machine you could even get to talk one on one with the person whom you only know in books!

    (Note- I know I left other awesome gadgets like small light, and a gadget, which is use for going in others persons dream,[I want that, but forgot the name, if know plzz say the name])

    tell the reason y u want it !!

  • @AlizaJalebiiiiii ur name I'll put in tws-rival .. If u upvote this comment

  • @cjko hello respected user, plzz see topic once again there is a little change 😅

  • @DarkIce doremon was my 20% childhood ..lol

  • @AlizaJalebiiiiii 😑 y hate comment is first comment ¯_ (ツ) _/¯ anyway ignore this comment 😂😂

  • @Jerry33 lool u have a hater, feel honoured

  • I want the anywhere door gadget 🙂

  • @AlizaJalebiiiiii u jalabiii , I will eat u (kachha chaba jaunga ! )

  • Freedom Writers

    @Jerry33 Well well.... if for some reason these gadgets that defy the laws of nature exists irl, i'd go for either the memory bread or the anywhere door...

    1. The memory bread might be a very useful tool which might change the outcome of any guessing game, which might make one either rich and/or get PTSD, as one won't be able forget any traumatic experience.....

    2. The anywhere door may be a good alternative which may open the door to a lot of possibilities, like something related to a job or transportation, but it would be hard to keep it a secret as it may attract much suspicion, unless you have a good excuse.

    3. Time machine might seem to be a good choice, but it's not wise to meddle with time, as everything happens because of a reason, and every choice and decision you take might have a drastic consequence in a universe-scale (imo)

    Peace! :))

  • @Jerry33 Anime needs to be banned

  • @Jerry33 Upvoted.

  • @Jerry33 I see.. okay2 no probs 🙂

    I want to go anywhere I want, so that will save me a lot... Money, time,effort

  • @AlizaJalebiiiiii Only if u had seen Doraemon Aliza!! It's the best cartoon around.. ❤ I grew up watching that

  • @Jerry33 Best ever!!! Doraemon is the coolesttttt

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