I think i am too lazy to write a title in here. So, make your own title.

  • Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change. As a human, you may think that keeping all swords, shut your mouth and let it unspoken are the best way to respect and value others. What kind of human are you?

    Future will be uncertainty, you just let your hope hanging there and expect nothing unless the best thing happens with such blessings. Your enemy might be your friend and vice versa. Gloomy or happy days, you chose it when you woke up in the morning routine life.

    If only you know as you read my mind at this time. If only you understand as if you read your favourite books. If only you listen as you found your great music songs. Too much if only in this story till you realized, those things ain't belong to you.

    People told me that first impressions needed. 11 minutes when we talked is the best judgment whether we matched or not. 3 months we had that understanding is the time when we know each other. Do you ever wonder, how hard you should let that feeling that you wish you can remove all the time? But that feelings do not stay as a good memory between you and me.

    It is not about choosing the wrong person to be with you, it is about you put a lot of trusts till you broke that. Thanks a lot, you always be my favourite colour which I can not choose as my colour.

  • @eccentric_ i prefer to be divergent 😏

  • @Corpse "Deep-thoughts" we human puts lot's of trust in anthr person resulting in breaking that trust.

  • @eccentric_ too much deep thought recently. i think i should be a little bit relax.

  • @Corpse haha well i personally think it's necessary to hv this type of mind, that's what makes u eccentric. 😜

  • @Corpse haha true.

  • @Corpse "Thanks a lot, you always be my favourite colour which I can not choose as my colour.".

    • I think this is the most painful* 😶😶 it breaks my heart and I don't know why..☺☺


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