• i’m hoping someone can give me some advice.. i’m a female who has been in a committed relationship for two years. we see each other everyday but i can’t shake this desire to have sex with another girl, i’ve always been attracted to men but for a year or two i’ve been super curious. i’ve been craving a one time sexual experience with a female just to see how it feels for me to know for sure but i know my boyfriend would not be understanding and i don’t know what to do.

  • @DimiG i’d rather have a one on one experience with someone who take their time w me

  • @elizabethh i would say you need to have a very honest conversation with your partner or put it to the back of your mind while the relationship lasts. It's ok to have fantasies but not good for a relationship if you act on them unilaterally. It sounds quite the dilemma for you, i wish you luck in resolving it

  • Make a threesome with another girl and your bf - you both win that way

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