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    I think anyone might relate to this. Hence, lies are fun when you know the truth! 😂

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    @Gia28 Oh kinda like leaving e v r y t h i n g to God nd sleeping all day hoping that all will be fine nd not learning fr the past? Nah u'll just get stuck in a time loop of mistakes ig lol nd that'll bore the hell out of the person ..thid reminds me off the sp called "Law of attraction"(dont be swayed by the words tho lol) ..im sharin dis but it'll bore the hell outta u lol soo idk if u wanna feel sleepy u might ....idk lol..

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    @Gia28 despite how fun it may be and easy, I'll have to pick truth. I hate lying.

  • @Gia28 I won't prefer telling lies unless it can serve a greater purpose of the truth. Well! The question is not about hurting anyone's feelings as @Mika17 pointed out, but of being judged. Sometimes I do keep the truth with myself and reveal it at a later stage but only if it can fulfil the aim of that particular event. We can never hide the truth — lies remain lies and can never be the truth however sweet it might be. A bitter truth is, instead, worth knowing because we cannot avoid it. I have never faced a difficulty handling with truths even after being judged. As @Rajeev2021 said, I fortunately succeeded in avoiding every difficult situation that may have arised in my life from truths. I don't normally get into a debate — I avoid them. It is important to ignore and avoid confusions that stems from judgements delivered against the truth. So, if the question is about being judged, I will better prefer to utter the truth and be judged. I don't want to be glorified on the basis of lies. Lies are just like fantasies; they disappear as fast as they appear. And after a certain point, they give you the greatest pains and frustration. A truth stays forever. Ask yourself, if you wish to know a lie or a truth about yourself, about how other people see you — I'll never wish to ken about a lie, I will just wish to know the truth — always!

  • @Gia28 lie and feel glorious

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    @Ella-26 But but u can always ignore 'em right? For u peeps..


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    spot on bruhhh. . . that is the good thing about all them who only want to throw negativity towards you. . .

    you can always ignore them. . .

    bomb song. . .thanks for sharing. . .this is the first time I heard of it. . .

    let me be beautiful

  • @Gia28 Truth prevails

  • @Gia28 i always tell the truth. I find it to be both a strength and a weakness

  • Would def tell the truth it’s much easier that way .. lying is just a waste of time and energy @Gia28 :3

  • @Gia28 i prefer being honest and no talking

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    @Gia28 why would I be offended 😂

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    @Gia28 oh haha

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    @Rajeev2021 that's up to you, friend. 😊 Always better safe than sorry 😅

  • @Gia28 It's not being coward,it's like being smart.The whole world is a cruel place and somehow we have to live in it and in order to exist we have to be smart even ruthless when time comes like there's a quote "Nice people are seldom successful and successful people are seldom nice" and suppose by telling truth in your workplace or your relationship you faced a lot of humiliation which affected your career,your relations and your whole life.Will you be able to live with it?No,i guess ,so we have to be smart and even resort to unfair means when time comes coz that's life and we have to live a good,peaceful life that's what life's purpose is about and nobody cares whether you're being coward or brave.Nobody in this world gives a damn to virtues.They only care what you provide and if you have money then you're boss in this world.But while lying we always have to check whether it is good fabrigated and consider it's consequences in a proper manner to avoid being caught and getting into troubles.Also i am not supporting lying or falsehood to become glorious i am telling that lying in order to avoid any serious consequences is common sense coz everyone loves their life and will not likely to ruin it by telling the truth.

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    @Gia28 Yo ima go fr Truth nd get judged cuz it'll be the best case scenario fr maybe the future?idk lol but lyin might make ya feel glorious fr a while but it'll pass soon enough.....nd another reason fr tellin the truth is ..um ima be in that person's mind fr some time while s(he) is judgin me soo it might turn out good after all cuz time heals literally e v e r y t h i n g...xDd

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    @Imduck i agree and like what you said that time heals everything. 👍👍👍 Anyway, some question popped in my mind. What if people just make mistakes, wait for time to heal the mistakes and then does another mistake and the cycle repeats and repeats?

  • In general,Honesty is the best policy but presenting it in a right way is the key.

    For example- Someone is poor in communication.

    There are 2 ways to say it :

    1. In Public - You are poor in communication. ( That is truth )
    2. Also in Public - You are poor in communication but if you can improve by attending training it can be beneficial for you in future. (This is also truth ).

    way 1 might hurt someone.
    way 2 might improve someone without hurting.

    Example 2 - Some one is very good in cricket.

    1. One on one communication- You are very good in cricket. (That is truth)
    2. In public - You are very good in cricket. (That is truth).

    way 1 can make a person smile.
    way 2 can make him happy.

    Telling the truth is very good habit but when to say, where to say and how to say makes all the difference.

    Way 1 might lead to loneliness.
    if someone follow way 2 - he can earn trust and friends.

  • @Gia28 You're welcome !

    It takes a special kind of person to admit that they have a weakness and take steps to rectify that. You have my respect and support :slightly_smiling_face:

    Haha but with the way you're going in the comments ,unless you have public speaking fright you really have nothing to worry about in communication ! You are doing REALLY great ^_^

  • @Smiley70307

    Oh hey there Ravit! I was wondering how that account got deleted. Anyways. I hope you were able to sleep. Better days ahead! 😊

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