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  • I Was in Heaven
    Moonlit sky, a zillion shining stars
    the pale brightness fills the night
    alone, broken, beaten with scars
    love’s roller coaster I was on tonight

    Seeking warmth, craving for heat
    salty sea breeze fills the gurney
    aimless roaming feeling totally beat
    caused for love’s wondering journey

    reminiscing, the night turns to dawn
    pondering the times, a blitz romance
    an unknown felling made to spawn
    was it bliss from her hypnotic trance

    a love story during the phasing moon
    glowing eclipse wild orchids bloom
    a lady in red just walked into my room
    her blue hair streaks with gold loom

    at that moment, ruptured was reality
    craziness was blessed with immortality
    for I’m a woman, that’s a blasphemy
    excited, the sweetness was a fantasy

    feeling her embrace, a love’s surge
    my body buckles, ages was my urge
    never imagined of such soft delight
    for this wasn’t a romance with a knight

    thus a journey, everything was right
    embraced love throughout the night
    a firm grip, I can only hold on tight
    surrendered to her, my lover that night

    lace bodice, taut rosy peak she chased
    pink nipple haloed, soft silks blazed
    supple breasts, temptations in place
    basic instinct we passionately graced

    trembling sensuality, desires awake
    romancing bodies, quiver and quake
    breathless, making love in a chapel
    she never stopped till I finished well
    I was in heaven, god damn! She’s from hell

  • @Scottish I always a sucker for people in love and the polite way of them expressing their love for each other. So fun being in their company well with respect that is

  • @Ladydoall30 awww J, that is fucking beautiful luv, your wife is a lucky woman and so are you if she inspires such verse in you. I read a lot of feminist poetry as a teenager but nothing as overtly lesbian as this, truly lovely, makes me wish i was a gay woman and not for the usual male reasons 10/10 xxx

  • @Scottish try the bottle that says "Drink Me " and poof presto changeo

  • @Ladydoall30 Haha i wish! Those feminist poems i mentioned, i can't remember all of it, it was nearly 30 years ago but one line has stayed with me, it pops into my head every so often "sets off the skin you wear so well", i fucking adore that, to be so into someone that you could feel that way, I'm very romantic when I'm in love, and i guess just generally in my mind. To the point where i buzz off of other people's love, i just did it from you and your wife and i did it a few days ago out for a walk with my friends, they've been together for years and are still very much in love. We were walking along the shore amd they were holding hands, i couldn't help but surreptitiously snap a few shots. I showed them after and they were so pleased and asked me to send the pics to their phones. This is the stuff that matters

  • @Ladydoall30 you know it J, it's joy by proxy but still very welcome. One of my other big pleasures on that vibe is when you see an old couple holding hands, you know they've lived their lives, raised the kids, the kids have flown the nest and they are still solid and just as in love as when they met, that fucking melts me

  • @Scottish there is an elderly couple here that take a flamenco dance class and when they show up a few of us seem to always find time to watch them dance together I want to be like them in my late 80s

  • @Ladydoall30 exactly J! It just makes you think that's how it should be and want it for yourself too doesn't it? So fucking inspirational. I actually took sneaky photos of an old couple holding hands a couple of months ago on my way to work, it's just sooo fucking gorgeous. I hope to be in their shoes one day

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