Has to be the y chromosome......

  • Soul Searchers

    You left me alone again. why can you please tell me why why why why why why why why I just want to know why what did I do so wrong?

    I cannot fathom how I ruined the most important thing in my life the best thing that I had going for me and I don't even know what the fuck I did wrong. Am I that stupid? am I that blind? I guess you can just call me Mister Magoo clueless dumbass.
    Why why why why why why why why why I just need to know why.
    Heartache sucks
    Love hurts
    I'm looking for the same kind of crazy as me I guess it don't exist therefore I shouldn't either
    don't buy any of that nonsense that there is somebody for everybody out there cuz its bullshit

  • Soul Searchers

    I was happy for 2 days
    Heartbroken again
    Please come back
    Love me like you did before

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