• Hay guys ! So today I am gonna talk to you about an indecent that happened at a camping trip in the mountains with my friends and a couple of there kids. So here´s what happened...........
    We were all outside playing with the snow when all of a sudden we hear howling sounds, We all ran inside and looked the doors. I was in charge of watching the babies.......After 30 min. about a dozen wolfs barged in the door and everyone dipped out the windows and left.........but I had to stay because the kids were to scared to move and I could´nt carry 12 of them. So I just stood in front of the lil´ ones when the wolves came into the bedroom and surrounded us.......I tried to fight them off but they just bit me and throw me arond until they bit off my leg and blineded one of my eyes........When they throw me down the started waling to the babies, when the Police came and saved them......Just to late To Save ME!!!


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    @sylvan_savage I was not involved in this don't blame me...........

  • Gamers

    woah O_0

  • @sylvan_savage whats this psychotic rant about

  • Dimentia or ptsd one of the 2

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    UNLESS you're gay

    jk (not rly), if you want to talk about smth don't be afraid to om me, I'd be glad to hwelp 😛

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