• Hey guys, I have been in love with someone since January. He is a close friend of mine and I can't seem to get over him. I have tried to avoid him as much as possible, but we work together which makes it hard. He is so back and forth with how he feels about me. One day he will talk to me non stop, then the next completely ignore me. I want to tell him how I feel in person, being the mature thing... I just don't feel alright doing it. Please help me!

  • First things first, I think that trying to identify why is he acting that way is crucial. Start by asking little questions, without by being too evasive.
    @brokendown36 I dont know if you're a girl or a guy, but I think the first step to be fully confortable with someone is having great communication skills. If that seems impossible even before something happens between you (which is completely normal) how do you expect it to work on the long run? I know it is a struggle for most people, but for love you have to have the courage and the humility to work above average. And of course no one can do it simply without feeling anxious or sweaty, but that's part of the growth and you should consider to see it as an opportunity for your future, even if it doesn't work out. It'll get better.

    Finally, i think you should talk to him, but make sure you're on a comfortable space in which you both don't feel rushed or observed, but by one another. And remember, it'll only get awkward if you make it awkward. I hope I helped at some point, good luck!

  • @brokendown36 Perhaps the reason is that he feels the same way about you? Look logically at the behaviour. On some days the two of you appear to talk non-stop. That indicates a closeness, chemistry, bond, that you care greatly about each other. You say that he ignores you some days and yet also that you have tried to avoid him as much as possible - could it be that you are both acting this way for identical reasons? When he ignores you might it not be for the exact same reason you avoid him? Seems reasonable...

    It can be a very scary prospect, telling somebody just how much you care about them, but the current situation doesn't sound healthy and if one of you doesn't say something soon then you'll end up losing each other for sure. It might happen anyway but not speaking up is going to almost guarantee it.

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